Our everyday language is funny and lets admit, we speak blatantly without thinking twice. We say the same thing in ten different ways. There are 171,476 words in English and we only use a couple of them to communicate. And most of the time, they sound superfluous and cliche.

I think it’s high time we shake off the habit of using these words.

1. Actually


It would actually be nice if you start your sentence with something other than actually.

2. Basically


Earlier, basically was used to bring emphasis to simplicity, truth or confidence. For eg, Basically, life is all about change. But it is losing context nowadays. So, basically, dump it before you pump it.

3. Frankly Speaking

frankly speaking

Using the word frankly speaking is like saying, I can be real bad but I’d rather be politically correct than rude.

4. Hmmm


That’s a conversation killer, reason for the awkward silence, and not even a word. So why?

5. Honestly


A word which rarely adds honesty to a statement or sentence these days.

6. K


K is the symbol of potassium as per the periodic table. Who said it can be used to express your consent?

7. Like


Like only looks good when received as an impression on facebook. Period!

8. Literally


This word has absolutely lost all purpose. Like, literally, it has. See? There. I did it.

9. LOL


No one really laughs out loud when he writes LOL.

10. No Offense

no offense

YES OFFENSE! Whenever you begin a sentence with “no offense but…” you know it in your heart that you’re going to say something super offensive.

11. Obviously


Here is the fun fact: People use this word to emphasize the point with regard to things that are not necessarily obvious.

12. Oh Shit

oh shit

Some people think it’s a very versatile word and can be used in every situation. They also use it to express different emotions like happiness, anger, agony, and excitement.

13. Please


Please, for God’s sake, get a life.

14. Seriously


Like seriously? Do I need to say anything more?

15. Shut up

shut up

If you really want to cut the crap out of your friend, then look for something sarcastically refreshing like put a sock in it, keep it down or button your lips.

16. So


It works as a connector between a statement and an explanation but people started using it for almost anything. So, this isn’t cool, right?

17. Whatever


Whatever is only used when someone starts losing a conversation.

18. YOLO


You only live once but not to spam people with such abbreviations.

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