20 Android Games We all Have Been Hooked onto at Some Point or the Other

We all love playing games ever since we were kids. The only difference being playing games today doesn’t involve much outdoor activity as we are absorbed into our smartphones.

Android smartphones have always been popular when it comes to games, be it vDonut or vNougat. Some of the games are so popular they broke records of madness. This list of mobile games will remind you of good old days or perhaps your good old days still going strong.

1. Temple Run


The incessant run to escape the demon monkeys has proved to be the most addictive android game ever. Keep running!


2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Ever since I watched Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network, I wanted to be a Ninja. Later, I lived my dream with Fruit Ninja where I sliced fruits with Samurai blade like a pro.


3. Hill Climb Racing

This game might look clumsy and dumb at first but once you play, it is addictive as hell. Driving a car in deserts, mountains and the moon feels like a different experience altogether.

4. Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

CJ from San Andreas gave us the jetpack goals and Berry from Jetpack Joyride fulfilled it. Roaming around the factory in an uber cool jetpack is everything you need right now.


5. Subway Surfers

subway surfers

Jumping about the trains like a thug while hovering over a surfboard cannot be more fun. The real excitement used to be the newest update where you get to roam around a new city every time.


6. Angry Birds

angry birds

This has to be the cutest of the lot. Angry birds are so cute they made Jigglypuff envious. Killing the greedy pigs who are equally cute makes it more adorable. Angry Birds has more than 100 million downloads which means a lot of people love ’em.


7. Cut The Rope


Cut the rope so that the cutesy lil monster has all the candies. The android game has won more than 5 awards including Apple Design and Bafta Award. Cut the rope surely kept us hooked with its brainy level. *nom nom*


8. Paper Toss

That’s the easiest way to kill boredom- crumple a piece of paper and toss it into the trash bin at the corner. We all have been there and done that. With Paper toss, you can still kill your boredom without wasting paper.

9. Shoot Bubble Delux

Shoot bubble delux

There could be many versions of this game but there is no denying the fact that we all have played Bubble Shooter one way or the other.


10. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool

I don’t know about you guys but as a kid, I used to turn my carrom board into a pool table by setting some crazy balls onto it and there I go. It used to be fun until I discovered 8 ball pool.


11. Vector

Vector is a free running game based on the principle of Parkour. It is a simple one-touch game which has a very realistic approach which will make you to play more.

12. Farmville


Remember the pesky facebook notifications you used to get or still get from a friend asking you to join in? Yes, it is that game. Many people were busy building their own farm house. Thank God I was not one of them.


13. Agent Dash

Agent Dash is another intense and super fun running game where Dash crosses the city, forest, and pitfalls to defeat Dr. Quantumfinger. He is like Jonny Bravo in a tux.

14. Sonic Dash

sonic dash

It is one of the high-end graphics games of its time when it was launched on Sega. Running with the speed of light, Sonic Dash will make you nostalgic.


15. Where’s my water?


Solving puzzle cannot be more entertaining than helping Swampy get water for a bath. Where’s my water is a puzzle game where you have to connect the pipe joints, cut through toxic steam, and guide water to Swampy so that he could take a bath.


16. Racing Moto


This game is as old as the Android version Gingerbread. Racing Moto is a single tap and tilt-to-control game with graphics sober enough to keep you hooked to it.


17. Criminal Case

criminal case

Criminal Case is an engaging detective themed game with the objective of finding hidden clues & objects. It spans around multiple crime scenarios with an interesting story woven around them. Once you start playing, you’re instantly hooked on to it!


18. Colour Switch

Tap, tap, and tap to climb higher to mark the high score. Meanwhile, the ball will switch color and you’ll have to be careful dodging the obstacles. Sounds simple?

19. Need for Speed- Most Wanted

nfs - most wanted

No list of games cannot be complete without mentioning the legendary Need for Speed. The first title was released in 1994 and since then, there was no looking back. NFS Most Wanted hit the android market and it was welcomed with open arms by the users.


20. Candy Crush Saga


Love it or hate it what you cannot do is ignore Candy Crush. Most of the people hate it to the core (I’m one of them) but others are just crazy about it. I don’t know what is so SWEET about it.



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