Barney Stinson

The blisteringly fresh bait of humour and awesomeness that Ted Mosby’s wingman slews up every evening after playing it cool as a banker at the Goliath National Bank is the outlook every corporate worker wishes to have. Barney Stinson’s words of wisdom are the silver lining under every cloud, the light at the end of every tunnel and the victory stand at the end of every bridge.

We don’t need no education if Barney Stinson was our life coach!


We’d be ready with legend … wait for it … dairy ways to pass through every phase of life


If you really want to taste life as it comes, do it with the pinch of extra sarcastic salts from the legend himself.


The ever positive aura that bridges the gap between impossible and possible obviously won our hearts


That rare moment when Mr. Awesome mouthed some True Words on Louvve 😉


Catch him on How I Met Your Mother, seasons 1 to 8 to learn how to live a life that’s got bucketloads of awesomeness!


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