It’s just about two weeks left for this year to be over and say hello to 2017, and it feels intriguing to look back at how the past year fared for each one of us. While we plan are busy planning Near Year trips and writing promising resolutions for 2017, let’s revise through a list of all the people and events that made history in 2016.

The Indian PM’s Demonetization move – Masterstroke vibes at first, Demon vibes later

As the date comes closer for the entire paraphernalia to end, it’s difficult to say India became cleaner in terms of Black Money!


Barack Obama’s Historic Visit To Cuba and Fidel Castro’s Death

The historic initiative by the former #POTUS to renew ties with Cuba in March 2016 has been acknowledged as a milestone in the US-Cuba ties. Sadly after which Fidel Castro, the Communist revolutionary leader of Cuba having served several terms as Prime Minister and President, passed away on November 25th, 2016.


Seems like a lot of changes have taken place for the Cuban commoners.

BREXIT: The Exit of the United Kingdom From The European Union

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Image credits: BBC

Although no harsh consequences have been reported as of yet, it’s difficult to say that there won’t be any in the near future.

The Zika Outbreak Looming Over The Games at Rio and Even After


The virus that caused a rising number of deaths of infants and became the number one health risk for the Americas. Since there’s no way to detect the virus or prevent the attack of the virus plus its effects being as lethal as babies born with abnormally small heads (microcephaly), it remains a significant health problem in the West, even now.

Surge in the Number of ISIS Strikes and Terrorist Attacks All Over the World

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Image credits: New York Times

ISIS made headlines for incidents at Brussels, Iraq and Pakistan, only to remind us of its activities in France and Egypt in 2015. And if this was not enough, there was a shooting incident in Orlando, Ohio too, which was targeted at LGBT rights. Back home, repeated terror activities like the Pathankot attack and Uri attack were events that were most distressing.

Historic Win for Donald Trump

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Now that we’ve all moved over the shocking results, it’s good to retrospect the rationality behind this epic result. It was an indication of what democracy means at its very base – the win of the people and the beginning of the end of the political elite. That said, it’s imperative for common men across the world to wait and watch for the developments brought about by the Time’s Person of The Year – 2016, Donald Trump.

Finally, the full treatment of Breast Cancer is possible

Massive news in the world of health, a treatment drug combination consisting of Trastuzumab and Lapatinib has been formulated which can remove breast tumours within 11 days. This development was reported recently in the Science magazine. This was specially required to combat the rise in the number of BRCA cases, currently the number one cancer across the world.


Seems like humanity has touched a new dimension in 2016, in which advancements, transparency and compassion set the tone of events. It remains to be seen what developments would come out in effect of Donald Trump’s induction as the new President of the United States combined with the Demonetization wave in India and Australia.



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