2017 Calendar

2016 was definitely a hard year for most of us. Quite literally, almost all of the public holidays were on Saturdays and Sundays. Diwali, Gandhi Jayanthi, and Christmas all fell on weekends and gave us a miss.

But not in 2017.

In fact, this year is loaded with long weekends. Most of the public holidays fall on Mondays and Fridays which calls for a lovely time all through the year.

2017 Calendar

Here’s how you can make the most out of these long weekends in 2017!

1. January

There is a long weekend from 26th January to 29th January. The Republic Day falls on Thursday, while you can take a day off on Friday to have an extended weekend.


This might be the best time to take a road trip to Gujarat to get a glimpse of the colorful Rann Utsav festival.

2. February

Mahashivrtri falls on the 24th of February which happens to be a Friday and this gives a three-day long weekend.


This calls for a much-needed relaxation or a short trip to a beautiful town or hill station nearby. Plan your days in advance to have a little fun.

3. March

Holi falls on a Monday (March 13th). This makes March 11, 12, and 13 club up and become a long weekend.


You now have the time to prepare for your Holi blast 😉

4. April

April is going to reward us with more than one long weekend. Ram Navami is on the 4th of April which happens to be a Tuesday. Take the Monday off (3rd April) and you’ll have a long weekend to quickly rejuvenate or have a little fun outdoors.


April 13th and 14th are again holidays, thanks to Baisakhi and Good Friday which falls consecutively on these two days. Add up to this the weekend and you have yet another 4-day blast!

5. June

Ramzan Eid is on 26th June which is a Monday. That makes June 24, 25, and 26 a three-day long weekend of total fun.


This might be your best chance of escaping the summer heat and take refuge in a cool and comfy place in a hill station.

What say? 😀

6. August

Who would’ve thought that August would be this rewarding?

Janmashtami (August 14th) falls on a Monday, Independence Day (August 15th) is on a Tuesday and Parsi New Year (August 17th) is on a Thursday. You just need to convince your boss for leaves on Wednesday and Friday to enjoy a super long weekend.


Happy times don’t just end with this. Ganesh Chaturthi (August 25th) is on a Friday and hence there is yet another weekend extension in August!

7. October

Diwali brings along a month of really long leaves and holidays. Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2nd) is on Monday which makes the first weekend a long one.


Then again, Dhanteras is on 16th October (Monday) while Diwali is on 18th October (Wednesday), followed by Bhai Dooj on 20th October (Friday). Take Tuesday and Thursday days off from work and you’ll have a wonderful stay at home celebrating Diwali with your family.

8. December

The last month delivers again on holidays. December begins with a bang as 1st December is a Friday and that makes the first three days of the last month a long weekend.


December 2017 is also about Christmas which falls on December 25th (Monday) and that makes it another long weekend.

All said and done, aren’t you excited for 2017? 😀


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