amazon save money

How To Save Money On Amazon

amazon save money

We all shop on Amazon. It is convenient, and often the cheapest places to shop online. The fantastic user experience ensures we keep going back for more. But, wouldn’t it be great if we could save even more money? Well, here are 2 amazing ways to save money when shopping on Amazon.

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1. Use a Visa Debit/ Credit Card

Amazon has great offers for you if you use a Visa debit/credit card. Here’s the offer:

Get Flat 10% back (as Amazon Pay Balance) by using your Visa Debit/Credit card to shop

Yes! All you have to do is use your Visa debit/credit card and you will get flat 10% off as Amazon Pay Balance. You can use the Amazon Pay Balance to shop on Amazon. Getting free stuff was never this easy.

Here’s how it works:


You are eligible if:

You are not eligible if:

2. Always shop on Amazon via CashKaro

This is the simplest way to save money on Amazon. All you have to do is shop through CashKaro. Each time you shop, you will earn Cashback which you can also transfer back to your account.

Here are the top offers available on CashKaro for Amazon at the time this article was written.


Here’s how you can ensure you always save the most you can when you shop on Amazon via CashKaro:


To know more about how this works, check out how you can save money online with CashKaro. A simple step-by-step guide (or a video) will help you save money each time you shop online anywhere.

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