3D Vs. 4Dx: A Battle Of The Dimensions

There is no doubt that the movie-watching experience has greatly improved since the start of cinema telecasting. We started at Black and White and then when colored movies came in, that was the biggest revelation. Now, we’ve moved on to different dimensions even, from 3D to 4D and even more.

A lot of the movies that are shot these days are done in the 3D format. This is especially true in action-heavy movies like superhero movies and the likes of Mission Impossible. But now, there’s a new kid in the block that is about to take over the whole cinema climate.

This is – 4DX, the ability to experience a movie. Book your tickets using BookMyShow coupon codes if you want that experience. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the stark and the subtle differences between the two.

Difference Between 3D and 4Dx




Screen Size

Huge and covers the whole wall. The screen is curved

A small screen that is straight and plain


The screen does not get dark

The image gets darker with the glasses, but it offers greater clarity

Your head movement

The picture will blur if you tilt your head

There is no effect on the picture if you move your head

Additional Features

It will appear as if the image is moving out of the screen and coming close to you.

In addition to the 3D image, there are also other elements like water, wind, smoke, smells and much more involved in the experience of watching a 4D movie.

The most attractive difference for a 4DX movie is that you essentially get to live in the movie. If there’s a car chase, your seats will appear to move with the car in the movie. If it is raining, you will feel those raindrops on you. For the right movie, these effects could completely transform the film for you. But for others, especially for longer duration movies, the effects could get tiring and could lead to a headache.

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