About Jabalpur

Jabalpur is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. The city lies on the shores of the mighty river Narmada. Jabalpur is famous as an industrial city as well as a centre of learning and education with many colleges functioning under its two universities. The city is best known for its Narmada river valley with its marble rock formations. Experience the natural beauty as well as the rich culture and heritage of the city by visiting the temples, ghats, waterfalls in the region.

Trivia: Jabalpur is also referred to as “Marble City”.
Why Go There: Nature | Temples | Forts | Parks
Ideal For: Friends and Family
Things to Bring Back:  Souvenirs, marble stone statues

Let’s explore the many places to visit in Jabalpur

8.Rani Durgavati Museum

Located close to Russel Chowk, the Rani Durgavati museum treasures photographs of Mahatma Gandhi as well as figurines from the Chausath Yogini temple. The museum is named after queen Durgavati and it houses a beautiful gallery comprising of tribal culture and artefacts.

Open Time: All days of the week: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM (same for Public Holidays)
Distance from the City: 2 km
The time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  History & Culture Enthusiasts
Best time to visit: September – March

7. Gwari Ghat

Gwari ghat is the river bank of the Narmada river. The ghat comes alive during the evening aarti that takes place daily at 7 pm. A temple is situated in the middle of the river. You can reach this temple by taking a boat ride. The delicacy called ‘Gaikwad bharta’ can be savoured after the aarti and snan or holy bath.

Distance from the City: 14 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: September – March

6. Tilwara Ghat

Located on the banks of the Narmada river, this place is known as the site where ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed. The site also has a ‘Gandhi Smarak’ built in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. The opening session of Tripura Congress was hosted at this place in the year 1939. This ghat also serves as a pilgrimage centre with the famous Lord Shiva Tilwadeshwar Temple situated at the site. Other temples such as Mala Devi Mandira, Pisan Hari Jain Temples are located at this ghat.

Distance from the City: 12 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: September – March

5. Chausath Yogini Temple

This famous temple lies near the Bhedaghat region. The Chausath yogini temple has been constructed by the Kalachuri dynasty in the 10th century. The structure of the temple is such that there are 64 carved statues of Yoginis with their own designated shrine which line the inner wall of the circular temple complex. You can get a panoramic view of the Narmada river from the open courtyard of the temple.

The temple construction reminds you of the 10th-century central Indian architecture as well as a Yogic tantric credence. The idol of Shiv-Parvati riding the Nandi bull is also a major attraction of the temple.

Open Time: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Distance from the City: 187 km
The time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people
Best time to visit: September – March

4. Balancing Rock

These rock formations are primarily eroded volcanic rock formations which have also weathered earthquakes measuring up to 6.5 on the Richter scale. There is a widespread belief among the locals that the balance of these rock formations cannot be disrupted by any force.

Distance from the City: 5 km
The time required: 1 hour
Ideal for:  Friends and Family
Best time to visit: September – March

3. Madan Mahal Fort

Perched atop a rocky hill, the Madan Mahal fort was constructed by Raja Madan Shah, the Gond ruler in 1116 AD. Get panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside from this fort.

Distance from the City: 5 km
Time required: 1 hour
Ideal for:  Friends and Family
Best time to visit: September – March

2. Bhedaghat-marble rocks

These marvellous rocks are located on the banks of the Narmada river and rise to a towering height of about hundred feet. Spread across an area of 25 km, these stones reflect sunlight casting hued shadows on the calm Narmada waters. These magnesium limestone rocks look especially beautiful in the moonlight. You can reach this place by taking a motorboat ride from the Panchvati Ghat jetty.

Open Time: 7am-7pm and 8pm-midnight only on Full moon nights.
Distance from the City: 16 km
The time required: 3-4 hours
Ideal for:  Friends and Family
Best time to visit: September – March

1. Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar falls or the ‘smoke cascade’ is a 30 m high waterfall. As per the name the cascading water of the falls gives off a smoke like feel that is simply awesome. The water from the Narmada river flows through the marble falls and plunges down so forcefully that it creates a mass of mist that results in the Dhaundhar falls. The sound of the plunging water can be heard from far off distance. Viewing platforms are created  so that no one misses out on the magnificent sight of the falls. The water falling on the white marble stones is a sight to behold. You can hang out at these falls and have a picnic at these very picturesque waterfalls.

Open Time: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Distance from the City: 30 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Friends and Family
Best time to visit: September – March

Other Attractions of Jabalpur

  • Pisanhari Ki Madiya (Digambar Jain Pilgrimage Centre)
  • Kanha National Forest Reserve
  • Dumna Nature Reserve
  • Vijayraghavgarh Fort
  • Sangram Sagar Lake
  • Hanuman Tal
  • Bastar Palace
  • Sahastradhara
  • Prehistoric Rock Art Gallery

Things To Do In Jabalpur

Take a Cable Car Ride Across Dhuandhar Falls

View the magnificent Dhuandhar falls by taking a cable car ride from one side to another. The cable car gives a vivid and spectacular view of the smoky waterfalls.

Have Fun at Sea World Water Park

This is the only water park in Jabalpur. You can enjoy a plethora of water rides with your friends and family at this water park. The park charges an entry fee of around Rs 100 per person and is open till 5 pm.

Take a Boat Ride to Bhedaghat

Enjoy a motorboat ride from Panchvati Ghat to Bhedaghat. This boat ride can be availed on a 22 km stretch from 7 am to 7 pm. The entire ride is quite picturesque.

Go Shopping!

You can buy souvenirs and marble stone figurines can be purchased from Bhedaghat. Also, you can buy contemporary items from varied shopping malls such as

  • Treasure Island
  • South Avenue Mall
  • Samdariya Mall

Savour Local Delicacies of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is popular for its street food such as aloo banda, samosa, bhajiya, mangoda, bhaji vada etc which can be savoured at places like Sarafa, Garha road and Choti Omti. Enjoy these delicacies at

  • Shyam Samosa
  • Deva ke Mangode
  • Prakash Chat
  • Sadar Choupati
  • Indian Coffee House

How to Reach Jabalpur

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Airport:

Jabalpur Airport

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Nearest Railway Station:

Jabalpur Junction

Nearest Bus Stops:

Jabalpur is well connected to cities in and around Madhya Pradesh. Regular bus services connect Jabalpur to cities like Varanasi, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jaipur, Raipur and other places.

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Where to stay

Vijan Mahal |Grand Heritage Narmada Jacksons | OYO 3603 White Pearl Hotel

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Nearby Places to Visit

  • Bhedaghat (27 km)
  • Bandhavgarh National Park (165 km)
  • Kanha National Park (162 km)
  • Pench National Park (209 km)
  • Khajuraho (251 km)
  • Pachmarhi (251 km)

Hidden Gems

Visit the ancient temple of Kankali Devi dedicated to Maa Kali and experience peace and tranquillity by meditating at the place.

CashKaro Recommendations

  • Don’t miss out on the Narmada river puja performed at the banks of Narmada river. The aarti performed during evening hours is a sight to behold.
  • Take a boat ride in the waters of Narmada and watch the awesome sunset from your rowing boat.

Fun Way to Travel

You can take a road trip from cities such as like Varanasi, Nagpur and Bhopal. You can take suitable halts if traveling in your own car.

If you do not wish to take your car, you can rent one from: Myles Car Coupons | Ola Coupons


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