Best Deep Freezers

Although deep freezers are mostly seen in ice cream parlours, grocery stores, and other commercial ventures, they are becoming increasingly popular for residential use. Deep freezers are extremely useful if you want to store or preserve frozen food items and increase the shelf life of certain foods. The capacity of deep freezers is more or less the same as a regular fridge, sometimes even more, but they offer way more cooling than regular fridges.

5 Best Deep Freezers

1. Blue Star Deep Freezer

The Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative features to guarantee long-lasting freshness. Built to last and meet the demands of all kinds of consumers, this deep freezer cuts power bills through energy-saving innovations. It boasts a capacity of 192 litres with a temperature of -18 degree Celsius. It requires no demo or special installation and comes as a ready to use freezer.

Durable and Strong

It has a lock and key system and a handle for ease of use.

Editor’s Choice

2. Haier Deep Freezer

The Haier HCC225G Single Door Hard Top Deep Freezer is the one-stop solution to all your freezing needs. Fitted with a stylish and durable trapezoid door design, it boasts a high-density PUF. The freezer has a molecular foaming technology which results in more than 100 hours of cooling retention. It has a total gross capacity of 230 litres and it comes with a European A+ rating.

Effective Cooling

The temperature ranges from 0 to 10 degrees as well as 0 to -18 degree Celsius.

Next Best

3. Godrej Deep Freezer

Branded as a revolution is refrigerators, the Godrej Glass Top Deep Freeze offers maximum cooling in minimum power. It’s a 100% environmentally friendly deep freezer. It has easy-to-clean interiors to maintain the best hygiene standards. As an added plus, it is designed to keep rodents away. The high density PUF insulation allows for superior cooling retention, even in the case of power cuts.


With R290 and R600a, the world’s greenest refrigerants, this is one of the most environment-friendly chest freezers.

Runner Up

4. Voltas Deep Freezer

The Voltas CF HT 320 DD P Double Door Deep Freezer promises low maintenance but the most optimum cooling. Don’t be fooled by its aesthetic soft-look and sleek design, this deep freezer packs a punch. It has a stucco aluminium inner lining for the best hygiene and UV grade plastic that lasts for years before wear and tear. It also has a door lock and sunken handles for safety and security.

Easy Mobility

This deep freezer has castor wheels for easy mobility.

Strong Contender

5. Panasonic Deep Freezer

The Panasonic Single Door Deep Freezer is big on space and features. One of the primary features being its awesome range of cooling temperatures that can be manually adjusted. From 10º C to -22 º C, this deep freezer can meet all your cooling requirements. The PUF insulation in the outer body enhances the overall holding time till up to 15 hours in case of power failures.

Energy Saving

Equipped with Japanese technology, this deep freezer preserves energy.

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How to Choose a Deep Freezer

If you’ve decided to purchase a deep freezer, kudos! Get ready to meet all your cooling needs with ease. While deep freezers have been in the past only used commercially, they’re slowly coming into residential homes. But, they are quite an investment to make. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing a deep freezer.

1. Capacity

The capacity of a deep freezer starts from 100 litres and can go over and beyond 500 litres. While 100 litre deep freezers are very small, the far end of the capacity is best suited for commercial usage. For residential uses, you should consider getting a deep freezer between 200 L – 400 L.

2. Temperature

Ideally you should maintain the temperature of the deep freezer at 0° F (-18° C). You should check the temperature range offered by the deep freezer before purchase.

3. Look and Size

The size and appearance make a big difference in your purchasing decisions. You should always remember that upright deep freezers take up less space. Chest freezers, on the other hand, are wide and consume more space.

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