5 Best Hand Wash Refill Packs for Maintaining Effective Hygiene

Best Hand Washes

Maintaining hand hygiene is one of the most essential ways to stay away from illness. Our hands are the most prone to germs that cause diseases and seasonal flu. That is why washing hands effectively can prevent the spread of germs. Nowadays, most hand washes are specially formulated with ingredients that keep the hands moisturized while shielding from germs. But choosing the right hand-wash sometimes gets difficult owing to the choices available these days. Therefore, we’ve brought you a list of the five best hand washes with refill packs that you can buy.

5 Best Hand Washes

1. Savlon Hand Wash

Get germ free hands in 20 seconds with the Savlon hand wash that comes with a pH balanced formula. It offers all-round protection against germs and ensures total hand hygiene. This liquid hand wash is dermatologically tested and ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its unique formula is specially designed to provide a gentle cleansing experience while washing hands. It is made with natural extracts and herbal essences that leave a fresh fragrance after use.

Gentle Cleansing Formula

This hand wash has a chemical-free formulation that is ultra-effective in killing germs in a few seconds.

Skin Friendly

2. Dettol Hand Wash

Dettol is one of the most popular and trusted brands recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). This hand wash comes with a unique germ protection formula that ensures ten times better effectiveness. It has a pH balanced formula and anti-bacterial ingredients that help in fighting against 100 disease-causing germs. Dermatologically tested, Dettol hand wash is suitable to be used by children above three years.

Advanced Germ Protection

This hand wash has the best germ protection formula that helps in maintaining a good hand hygiene for longer duration.

Most Effective

3. Godrej Hand Wash

Stay healthy and safe with this Godrej hand wash that is effective in cleaning germs from your hands. Enriched with the goodness of glycerine, coconut oil, and essential oils, this hand wash is made from 98% naturally derived ingredients. It is an ideal choice to keep harmful germs and infections at bay while eliminating odour issues. The enriching elements present in this hand wash leave your hands soft and germ-free.

For Soft Hands

This hand wash has a unique formula that kills germs effectively while leaving a soothing fragrance and giving you soft hands.

Naturally Effective

4. Lifebuoy Hand Wash

A popular choice among Indians, Lifebuoy is the most effective germ-killing hand wash. It comes with an Activ Naturol Shield that protects your hands against disease-causing germs. Formulated with green tea extracts, this Lifebuoy Hand Wash acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent, thereby leaving your hands healthy and clean.

Anti-Germ Formula

This hand wash is approved by the Royal Society of Public Health, London. It effectively kills germs in just a few seconds.

Popular Choice

5. Himalaya Hand Wash

Looking for a natural and pure hand wash? If yes, then Himalaya Herbals hand wash must be your pick. This skin-friendly hand wash is formulated with the goodness of Tulsi and Aloe Vera that leaves your skin soft and germ-free. It is 100% cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals like Triclosan. Its natural ingredients work together to remove 99.99% germs from your hands and protect you from harmful diseases.

Free from Parabens

This hand wash has a pH balanced formula that keeps your hands soft, clean, and nourished.

Herbal Formula
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