5 Best Men’s Sports Shoes for Ultimate Comfort & Style

Best Sports Shoes for Men

Whether you are a gym freak or a sports person, you always need the right pair of sports shoes. Sports shoes must be stylish yet sturdy and comfortable. Wearing the right pair of sports shoes offer you great comfort, protect you from the risk of developing injuries, and let your feet breathe. While the market is filled with numerous brands and designs of sneakers, finding the right one may become a hassle for some. Well, you need not worry, as we are here with a list of 5 best sports shoes for men that offer you maximum comfort and style.

Best Sports Shoes for Men

1. Sparx Men’s Sports Shoes

Get utmost comfort and style with Sparx black and white Men’s sports shoes flaunting a cool striped design. With a medium width, these Sparx Men’s shoes are made with the finest black mesh that protects it from wear and tear. It comes with a comfortable cushioning that is light in weight and provides support to your ankles and toes during rigorous workouts. Available in UK sizes 6 to 10, these sports shoes are perfect for Indian men who love to keep a balance between style and comfort.

Most Comfortable & Lightweight

These sports shoes come with a PVC sole and lace-up closure that that is ideal for sports activities, running and regular day trips.

Editor’s Choice


  • Mesh to protect from wear & tear
  • Comfortable cushioning for ankle support

2. Lancer Men’s Sports Shoes

These sports shoes by Lancer are designed, keeping in mind the desired comfort and flexibility in a shoe. It features a durable navy-blue upper mesh that allows your feet to breathe freely while protecting the shoe from damage. Moreover, it has a thick and sturdy sole that provides stability while protecting your feet from impacts. These shoes have a cushiony feel that offers ultimate comfort for your feet during sports activities and workouts.

Sturdy Sole

These sports shoes have a sturdy sole that is ideal to be worn during gym sessions, sports activities, trekking and more.

Popular Choice


  • Mesh material that lets your feet breathe
  • Thick sole to reduce impact on feet
  • Cushioning for better ankle support

3. Puma Men’s Sports Shoes

A premium shoe brand, Puma, brings you a unique sports shoes design ideal for men who like to keep it casual yet comfortable. This lace-up shoe design comes in a fabulous grey coloured mesh that allows your feet to breathe. It has a thick sole that is light in weight, making it perfect to wear during heavy workouts and sports activities. Apart from that, its casual design makes it a multi-purpose choice to be worn on regular days as well.


These sports shoes have a lightweight sole that helps you work out for longer durations without hurting your feet.

Premium Choice


  • Can be worn as casual wear
  • Mesh to protect shoe from wear & tear
  • Features a thick and light sole for comfort

4. Columbus Sports Shoes

If you are looking for sports shoes that are affordable yet comfortable and stylish, then the brand Columbus must be your pick. These shoes come with a mesh that ensures easy breathability while adding a classy appeal to them. Its sole is lightweight and sturdy that protects your feet from impacts during workouts and sports activities. Furthermore, it comes with a soft cushion insole that provides utmost support to your feet while making you comfortable throughout the day.

Insole Cushioning

These sports shoes have a comfortable cushioning that allows you to work out for longer durations without hurting your feet.

Affordable Choice


  • Soft insole that provide comfort
  • Lightweight yet sturdy for running
  • Comes with mesh design for better breathability

5. Lotto Men’s Sports Shoes

Add a stylish and comfortable sporty look with Lotto’s men’s sports shoes. Featuring new and improved technology, these sports shoes offer maximum comfort and style while indulging in sports activities. These shoes have a corrugated bottom sole helping you get an easy grip while protecting you from slipping on slippery surfaces. Moreover, these sneakers feature a soft footbed that is cushioned from inside, offering you all time comfort. Its lace-up design is easy to wear and saves you from the hassles from tying the lace of your shoe time and again.

Easy Grip

These sports shoes come with a unique design that protects you from slipping or falling during workouts.



  • It comes with a corrugated bottom sole for better grip
  • It has a soft cushioned footbed
  • These slip-on shoes save you from the hassle of tying shoe lace
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