Best Sports Watches

Looking for a wrist partner to accompany you while running or exercising? Here are some of the best sports watches that could help you keep track of time.

Sports watches play an important role in keeping track of your sports activities or exercises. They offer you a bunch of features, which includes displaying time, stopwatch, and countdown timer settings. This makes sports watches more functional in keeping track of your run or swimming sprints. While you’re at it, many such watches also offer water-resistance to fend off water damage, making them suitable to take for a swim. We’ve compiled a list of the best sports watches to accompany you for all your sporting activities.

5 Best Sports Watches

1. Sleek Design

This Fastrack sports watch is designed with a sleek profile. It features a large dial with two subdials, which give this watch an edgy look. The chunky bezel case sports four multi-functional buttons, allowing you to adjust time and date, set alarms and timer, and illuminate the backlight. The watch is equipped with a silicone strap with a buckle lock for a comfortable and snug fit.


This digital sports watch features two subdials, which display the day of the week and seconds to keep track of time.

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2. Adventurous Look

This Eddy Hager sports watch features a stylish design with a metallic case. It sports a large circular dial, which displays all the information right on your wrist. It tells time and date, day of the week, and shows alarms notification and timer. The watch is equipped with five buttons to perform different functions, including a dedicated button for backlight illumination. It features a water-resistant design and stays fully functional underwater for up to 30 metres.

Layered Display

This watch features a layered display, which shows the time in 24-hour format and is easily readable even without illumination.

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3. Day Indicator

This Sonata Fibre digital watch features a sturdy and sporty design. It flaunts a round dial, which displays time, date, day, and more. It is water-resistant up to 100 metres, so you can take it with you for swimming or snorkelling. The strap is made from silicone, which gives it a comfortable fit on your wrist. This watch features an analogue-digital design, which provides you with the best of both worlds.

Rugged Build

This watch features a rugged design with sturdy aesthetics, which gives it an edgy look.

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4. Classic Design

This multi-functional watch from Skmei features a large case and is equipped with a PU plastic strap, which feels comfortable on the wrist even when worn for prolonged hours. The dial displays time, day of the week, seconds, alarm notification, and more. The watch is equipped with five multi-functional buttons dedicated for light, alarm settings, time adjustment, and stopwatch functions. It is water-resistant up to 50 metres, which allows you to wear it while you go for a swim or snorkelling.

Timer Functions

This watch offers you access to various timer functions, including stopwatch, count down, and more, to keep track of your run.

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5. Analogue-Digital Face

This V2A sports watch features an analogue and digital design and comes with multi-coloured straps to choose from. The sturdy case and the resin strap make it a durable timepiece and complement the overall look of the watch. This watch features a large dial, which shows date, time, day, alarms, and more right on your wrist. It comes with a stopwatch function, which can be set using the push buttons on the case.

Water-Resistant Design

This sports watch comes with a 50-metre water-resistant rating, making it suitable for bathing, swimming, or snorkelling.

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