5 breakfast options to make your quarantine a bit more fun

Breakfast is the most important meal, which should never be skipped. To add a bit more fun to your quarantine, you can start your day with some interesting breakfast. There are many options available in the Amazon grocery to make your breakfast an interesting one. You can shop for noodles, pasta, readymade meals and mixes, soups and more. You can check on Amazon grocery offers to get your foods at some discount.

Here are some of the breakfast options, which will help you to make your quarantine a bit more fun:

1. Pasta


There are various varieties you will find in Pasta, some are – spaghetti, lasagne, macaroni, shell, penne, ravioli and much more. You can try Pasta in different sauces. Several people across the whole world enjoy Pasta. You can purchase your favourites through Amazon pantry, and do not forget to apply their coupons.

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2. Kellogg’s Muesli

Kelloggs-muesli breakfast

Kellogg’s muesli is a healthy breakfast option, which consists of 5 nutritious grains that are- wheat, rice, corn, barley and oats and also has the goodness of fruits and nuts like- almonds, raisins, and some candied fruits like papaya, apple and peach. While shopping, use Amazon pantry offers to get at some discount.

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3. Noodles


You can buy instant noodles from Amazon groceries, and they have a wide variety of veg and non-veg noodles. You can show some kind of creativity while cooking them by adding some fried vegetables or sauces. You can purchase from Amazon grocery and don’t forget to apply Amazon grocery offers.

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4. Readymade Meals and Mixes


Readymade meals and mixers are available in various varieties and of many brands. You can easily cook dosa, idli, upma and much more in your home. You can purchase your favourites at a very reasonable price from Amazon grocery by applying their coupons and codes.

5. Kellogg’s Chocos


Kellogg’s chocos is a wheat-based cereal that has the goodness of whole grain and yummy chocolaty taste. It is the most effortless but tasty breakfast and can be served with chilled milk. You can purchase it from Amazon pantry and do not forget to apply Amazon pantry offers.

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