You search for a mobile phone that meets your requirement. You compare it with other devices and finally order one. And now you think buying a smartphone was not just enough. There has to be something else to add more panache to it. Or perhaps you want to gift something to your friend and not yet decided. Have a look at these cool accessories that will completely change the look of your smartphone.

Best Must-Have Smartphone Accessories

Zoom Lens

Zoom lens

A smartphone may be capable of shooting HD videos but optical zoom is something it misses out. You can buy a zoom lens which would offer you upto 18X optical zoom. The results may not be as perfect, but it is good if you’re looking for an easy to carry mobile phone accessory.

VR Headset

VR Headset

A day before yesterday virtual reality headset was in the concept stage and now it is available in the market for as low as Rs 1,000. You can now watch your favourite movie with theatre like effects and let the movie time keep rolling.

Selfie Flashlight

selfie flash light

*drums rolling* Taadaa! People with no front flash, cheer up! Add this cute little gadget whenever there is low light. The flashing bulbs and LEDs can wait but our selfies just cannot. This selfie flashlight will give you enough light required for clicking pictures. Chal beta selfie lele rey!

Retro Handset Receiver

Retro Handset Receiver

We definitely  miss the time when we used to slam the receiver on the phone like a boss. But since smartphone has taken over, we no longer can live that charm. Don’t worry! There is still some hope left in this world. Buy a retro handset receiver and talk on the phone like good old days. Be old-school.

Solar Charger

Solar Charger

There are a couple of things which are available in abundance on earth such as opinion, intolerance and bodyshame, but the only thing useful to human being is Sunlight. Make full use of the sunlight with solar charger to charge your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. No cable or batteries required. Simply let in bask in the sunlight and it’d do what it does the best.

What is your pick? Let us know in the comments below

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