Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Can you imagine yourself heading out without your earphones? Your smart phone is an important gadget and without this, you feel helpless. In fact, your mobile has become more than just a gadget for communication. You use it for checking time, weather, calling friends, sending instant messages and even hearing songs.

Now think of this – What are 5 electronic accessories that will always keep you going? Here’s a list of accessories from Paytm Mall . Feel free to add more to the list in the comment section.

1.Power Bank

What happens when your mobile battery dies? This can be troublesome, especially because you use your phone for navigation and keeping in constant touch with your family members. Keep your phone fully charged by carrying a power bank in your bag. It is a must-have electronic accessory that can charge your phone wherever you are!

2.USB Data Cable

A USB data cable is an important electronic accessory. You can use it for transferring data from your phone to the laptop. One can also use it for charging their phone. These days you can find 5 way/9 way jacks.

3.Aux Cable

Long drives are boring without your favourite songs. The radio plays unnecessary advertisements, and there is more talking and less music. Bid adieu to endless talks and endorsements, simply plug in the aux cable and listen to your favourite music. You can put your favourite track on YouTube too! The aux cable is excellent and can be used in speakers and car music system as well.


The earphone is a versatile accessory. You can use it for calls or even listen to music. When you are driving or have some work to finish, taking a call can be a difficult task. What if your mother has something important to say? Pick the call and speak through your earphone. You don’t have to use your hands! Plus, you can use these earphones while jogging. Listen to your favourite songs while you workout. Don’t forget to use Paytm Mall coupons during your checkout to avail discounts.

5.Flash drive

Commonly known as ‘pen drive’, the flash drive is an important electronic accessory. You may be an employee at a multinational company, a PhD student or a college-going youngster. Flash drives are important because these can store a lot of data! Simply save the file, music, movie or document and keep it safe in this flash drive.

Concluding Thoughts

These were the 5 important electronic accessories that you MUST have! You should keep them in your bag or the car’s storage area. It comes handy in different situations.

However, make sure you are buying quality products from a genuine eCommerce site. Why go to a store? You can grab the best deals and buy quality products that Paytm Mall offers! Skim through the offerings and buy the essential electronic accessories at a fabulous price.

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