With the world going gaga over ‘whole’ and ‘organic’ foods, the word ‘processed’ has become synonymous with pure evil. The mere mention of store bought foods that are to be microwaved before consumption makes health freaks shudder. This fear of the processed, although, is uncalled for. Yes, certain processed foods are unhealthy, but there are other, healthier variants that you can and should opt for. Let’s have a look at some of the processed foods that are good for you:

Stocking up


If the goodness of probiotics, vitamins and minerals is packed into one cup, what could be wrong with it? Just make sure the sugar content is less than 18 grams and there is actual fruit in it as opposed to artificial flavours.

Make it Better

Raspberry Honey Yogurt

Just add a few raspberries, a little honey, some cinnamon and your yogurt goes from being just healthy to being deliciously healthy.

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Clean eaters swear by a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Little do they know that their fibre rich meal undergoes processing. Even so, it decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces bad cholesterol, and must be added to your diet.

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Make it Better

Oatmeal With Banana And Molasses

oatmeal-banana-molasses_galTantalize your sweet tooth by cutting up a banana and adding molasses to your breakfast bowl

Canned Fish

The canned varieties of salmon, tuna, and sardines contain as much Omega 3 fatty acids as the fresh variety and are just as healthy. You can opt for canned and avoid frequent trips to the supermarket.

Make it Better

Pan Fried Salmon

353997Pan fry the canned salmon with onions, tomatoes and spices for an Indian – style salmon treat.

Frozen Vegetables

Don’t doubt that bag of frozen peas or baby carrots. Research suggests that frozen vegetables are as rich in nutrients, if not more, as fresh vegetables. Add the fact that they can be stored for longer, and processed doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore.

Make it Better

Italian Peas

3425948After thawing your peas, add chopped onion, garlic, chicken stock and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and you’re good to go.

Whole Wheat Bread/Pasta

Bread and pasta lie on the top of the shunned food list. However, whole-wheat breads and pasta sufficiently add to your daily fibre requirement putting them on the good to eat processed foods list.

Make it Better

Lemon Pepper Pasta

recipe_imageThe name alone makes the mouth water. You could even sneak in a little parmesan cheese for added deliciousness. Maybe some whole-wheat garlic bread on the side?

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