Greatest Speakers of All Time

There are speeches that sing people to sleep and there are speeches that bring back the dead to life.
A powerful and captivating speech makes its mark and unites a group of people for a singular cause. As famous American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, and to compel.”
We take a look at 5 influential speakers whose speeches we’d love to listen to all the time.

1Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The 44th President of United States and the first African-American to hold the post, Barack Obama is known for his passionate speeches that strike the right chord with people. His “Yes We Can” campaign moved the whole of America which voted Obama to be President in 2009.

After serving a maximum of two terms as the President of U.S.A, Barack Obama has delivered effective governance combined with fiery speeches that kept alive the American dream of equality of opportunities, aspirations, and goals.

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