Usually, the first job one gets is nowhere close to the one we dream of, but we still stick it through. Even if it’s not the first, there could be some things about the job like the low salary that may put us off from our job. All year-round we try to get accustomed to our workplace, build valuable relationships with coworkers and master the job to have a good ride during the appraisal season. But managers can be tough to impress and unless you’ve become a right-hand man of your manager, the appraisal can definitely bog you down.

But you know what you are worth, and doing a monotonous 9-to-5 job is definitely not your dream; which means one day or the other, you’re going to have to listen to your heart. Here we present to you some kickass resignation letters that’ll inspire you to hand in the notice without an ounce of dubiousness, ever.

Rahul Pandita’s resignation from The Hindu

In an open resignation letter to Malini Parthasarathy, his erstwhile reporting head at The Hindu Group, this journalist points to the abuse of authority she perused, the narcissistic approach she took about her work and the consequent autocracy that left no space for journalistic freedom of her subordinates. Look no further for inspiration to turn the tables of your bossy boss than Rahul Pandita’s open exposé of Dr. Mrs. Parasarathy!

Arnab Goswami breaks his tryst with Times Now

Deemed as the head honcho in the journalism industry, he made waves in the media with his no-holds-barred media coverage as well as his boisterous statements on-air at The News-Hour. But on the fateful evening of 18th November 2016, he called in a few of his loyalists and quietly left the channel, much to the opposite of the vociferous personality he’s known for. Although his demeanor remains the same on his newly launched Republic TV, we were shocked to see this abrupt video recording his statement.

Andrew Mason’s closure as the CEO of Groupon

Imagine being a CEO of an e-commerce giant, and then picture this assertive resignation letter by Andrew Mason. Direct, concise and unscrupulously divulging secrets from the top management level meetings, Andrew Mason’s departure was nothing less than extraordinary when it came to impacting the culture of the e-commerce company, then valued at $5 Billion.


Joey DeFrancesco calling it quits at the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel

While many employees wishfully think of marching into the office with a noise breaking band to announce his firm decision to quit, Joey DeFrancesco, a 24-year-old reception manager decided to do it in real. What’s more, he even got the entire episode recorded and floated on YouTube later in a bid to enjoy some good laughs at his boss. The video stands at a whopping 5 Million views now and counting.

Stephen Henn disassociates himself completely from NPR

A noted science writer and journalist, Stephen Henn started to feel stagnated at NPR and also had a conflict of interest with NPR’s commercialising intentions. The data he drafted to point to his employer to justify his resignation can tickle the sarcastic nerves way too much. Social causes beckoning, much!

When you know you’re not doing something that you were born to do, all you have to do is hit the “Quit” button … at your job, not in life!!

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