Best Kid's Doctor Sets

Introduce your kid to the world of health and hygiene by bringing one of these doctor playsets.

Most children suffer from the fear of injections and other medical treatments, making it difficult for parents to take their kids to see a doctor when required. You can alleviate this fear in your kid by familiarising them with medical equipment using a kid’s doctor set. It contains all kinds of medical tools where your child can learn about their uses playfully and develop a liking towards the medical profession. Best for pretend play, these kits come in vibrant shades to grab their attention instantly and keep them engaged for long hours in a learning process.

To make sure your child participates in constructive playtimes, check out the list of best doctor playsets and get a suitable one.

Best Kid’s Doctor Sets

1. Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit

This doctor’s kit is perfect for curious kids who want to learn about different medical instruments. This set contains 12 medical tools such as bandaids, surgical scissors, thermometer, injection, blood pressure monitor, etc., along with an electronic stethoscope. Additionally, all the instruments come packed in a sturdy suitcase that protects them from damage and getting lost.

Battery Operated Set

It is made of premium quality material and is a battery-operated toy that allows kids the ease of pretend play.

Editor’s Choice

2. Wishkey Doctor Play Set

Help your kid feel like a real-life doctor with this kid’s doctor set. This set includes multiple medical tools such as a thermometer, stethoscope, mouth mirror, injection, sanitization bottle, scissors, and many more. It also contains five pieces of dental equipment. It comes in a lightweight trolley bag, which makes it suitable to be carried around. All the toys included in this kit are made of non-toxic plastic for the safety of kids.

Sound Emitting Feature

The stethoscope included in this doctor’s set makes sound effects similar to that of heartbeats, thus helping your child understand its working.

Popular Pick

3. Magicwand Pretend Play Doctor Set for Kids

This playset by Magicwand includes several instruments like a syringe, scissors, forceps, tweezers, reflex hammer, mouth mirror, thermometer, etc. The accessories included help your little one understand doctors’ critical role in our lives. All the accessories available in this set are made with durable, non-toxic, and premium-quality material to ensure your child’s safety. This pretend-play set introduces the kids to the selfless profession and helps them identify various medical equipment.

Three-in-One Set

This is a three-in-one portable doctor’s set that is easy to carry, thanks to its durable plastic storage.

Most Loved

4. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

This medical kit by Fisher-Price has various medical instruments like syringes, stethoscope, BP cuff, thermometer, bandage, otoscope, etc., to offer your kids a full-fledged pretend play experience. It develops curiosity and helps them learn about the instances where these instruments are used. Moreover, it also includes a doctor’s bag to keep everything in place and pretend like a doctor.

Working Equipment

This doctor’s set has a working stethoscope and thermometer that shows if you’re well or sick with the click of a button.

Next Best

5. Toyshine Deluxe Doctor Set Convertible Suitcase

This doctor’s playset is perfect for kids aged three months and above. It is made of safe and environment-friendly ABS plastic. It can be carried around easily and helps children learn everything about the human body. The contents of this doctor’s set are sized just right for young kids’ hands. It contains approximately 13 pieces of equipment, including a hammer, scissors, tweezers, injection, thermometer, etc., fitted into a sturdy plastic trolley suitcase.

Builds Confidence

This doctor’s set is an engaging pretend play set that builds confidence in young kids while also developing empathy.

Also Consider

6. Toyshine Dentist Doctor Play Set for Kids

This 15-piece doctor’s set by Toyshine is ideal for kids of three years and above. It is made of non-toxic plastic and allows young children to pretend like real dentists. The kid gets to play with medical tools and equipment like trays, tweezers, syringe, brush, pills, spoon, etc. This develops creative playing habits and promotes imagination. It can also be an excellent toy for your kid to develop recognition skills, observational skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Healthy Habits

This doctor’s play set ensures that the kids understand healthy habits like brushing their teeth and introduces them to common dental procedures.

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