Math Toys For Kids

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that children learn in the early stages of their lives. This subject allows them to understand its application based on daily life. From mathematical equations to understanding fractions, these toys help the kids learn math right from their pre-schooling days. Gift your child any of these knowledgeable toys that teach them math in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

Top 5 Math Toys for Kids

1. Melissa & Doug Abacus Toy

This toy by Melissa & Doug is an educational mathematical toy that teaches your child to learn and have fun with math. The abacus has 100 bright coloured wooden beads, which attract the child and is an excellent tool for counting large numbers. It can also be used to perform addition, subtraction, etc. It is recommended for kids between three to five years. This toy has eight extension activities, which help the child develop their mathematical skills from an early age, improve their logical thinking skill, and teach them counting.

Highly Awarded

This abacus toy has garnered many awards for its impressive build.

Editor’s Choice

2. Math Games For Clever Kids

This is a mathematical puzzle book designed to make math fun for kids and clear their concepts easily. It includes basic puzzles like timetables to more complex puzzles like arithmetic conundrums, number pyramids, pictorial puzzles, and shape-based search. Solving a few of these puzzles every day will help your child improve their mathematical ability and improve their cognitive skills, logical reasoning and exercise their brains.

Mind Challenging

This book includes over 100 mathematical puzzles that teach the kid basic and tricky math problems while also challenging their young minds and broadening their abilities.

Popular Choice

3. Shifu – Plugo Count – Math Games Kit

This mathematical puzzle by Shifu is an interactive learning game for young kids. It has one foldable gamepad, a count spike, four arithmetic operators, two sets of digits from zero to nine, and an instruction manual. All you must do is download the app on compatible devices. This game gives young kids access to five STEM games with more than 250 levels of play. Along with improving their mathematical knowledge, it builds auditory skills, visual recognition, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and various other skills. This game kit is ideal for kids between the age of five to ten years.

Fun Game

It allows the kid to indulge in story-based activities that improve their arithmetical skills using timed gameplay.

Most Loved

4. SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy

This toy by SYGA is a fantastic mathematical game that introduces kids to numbers. It focuses on concepts like time, counting, usage of operators, and mathematical symbols. The game has a wooden board that can be flipped open, 100 number cards, chalk, an eraser, and brightly coloured sticks to simplify mathematical calculations. It is ideal for elementary schooling and pre-schoolers.

Interesting Figures

The child can even build 2D and 3D figures to make learning fun.

Next Best

5. Creative’s Fun with Fractions

This fun with fractions game by Creative’s Fun is a mathematical puzzle that helps your child learn basic mathematical topics. It helps a child recognise fractional parts of a whole object, identify fractions, and write them down. This puzzle not only prepares your kid for their school studies, but it also helps them with their daily life. It is a 56-piece puzzle with 28 sets of two-piece matching cards that the child needs to put together.

Pictorial Representation

This game requires the child to read numeric fractions, identify and match them with their corresponding pictorial representation.

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