5 Nepali Delicacies We All Must Try Once

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Some people really enjoy indulging in foreign cuisines. One of our neighbours has some of the best traditional food. Nepali food, like that from most other cuisines, is derived from the traditions of its soil, climate and ethnicity. With a vast geographical area, there are some dishes that originate from a particular area or the people’s religious beliefs.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the best food Nepal has to offer to the world.


This is a Newari dish that is typically made from the meat of a water buffalo. It can also be made with the meat of chicken and duck. It is eaten most commonly with rice flakes, it a hot and spicy dish. Dare you try it? Use Zomato coupons while ordering it from your favourite restaurant.


A very popular favourite amongst us Indian, Thukpa is a noodle dish which has forever warmed our hearts. It can be made with vegetable or with meat. The dish is served with a broth-like soup with hearty noodles and nutritious proteins. Don’t miss out on the taste, get it now using Zomato promo codes and Zomato offers brought to you by CashKaro.

Gorkhali Lamb

This is a rich lamb curry that is one of the favourites amongst locals. It is considered a treat that is a must during any occasion. It is a spicy dish that will keep you eating more and more. The flavours will have you hooked, that’s for sure. Get it now using Zomato coupon codes and earn awesome cashback.


Can we really talk about a cuisine without talking about their traditional drinks? Tongba is an alcoholic drink that is made from millets. It is a indigenous drink of the Limbu people and can be found in the eastern mountainous regions. Would you try out the infamous Tongba? Use Zomato promo codes while you’re at it.

Sel Roti

As always, we come to the desserts in the end. The sel roti is the Nepal version of doughnuts which is made with rice flour. It is a treat that is reserved for festivals and special occasions. Try it out now from your nearest restaurant and enjoy the happy feelings. Use Zomato coupon codes while checking out to avail cashback.

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