5 Reasons Why Medlife Should Be Your Personal Health App

Medlife – a community healthcare company that touched the lives of millions of people in the US, Latin America and Africa touched ground in India in the first quarter of 2016. In India, Medlife seems to have climbed on to the e-commerce bandwagon and has developed into a one-stop-shop for all personal health care needs.

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With the Medlife Apps for iOS and Android, you can book appointments for physician consultations, get an online consultation from doctors, buy medicines online, maintain individual electronic health records and find the best resources on nutrition. So getting to know how to use this app to your advantage is the easiest thing you should do for maximizing your personal health.

So read on to discover 5 reasons why you should choose Medlife over everything else for becoming a healthier you!

#1 Get Easy Access to Physicians


Picture this: you have an old parent at home who is uncontrollably coughing with his hand controlling chest pain. Calling an ambulance is the need of the hour but none of the phone numbers you have got any responses. You need to consult an experienced and reputed cardiac physician urgently. What would you do? Medlife Doctor Assist is an answer to that. You can consult doctors in any location instantly and get prescriptions for medicines on the Medlife App itself. Just download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and see the 1000+ doctors listed across 35 Indian cities with whom you can consult anytime, anywhere.

#2 Get Medicines Delivered Within 24 Hours


Delivering medicines to patients is a time-crunched process and the makers at Medlife understand that quite well. Medlife website and app function seamlessly to help caregivers upload patient prescriptions and get them delivered at home within 24 hours (maximum 48 hours for imported medicines). Just log on to Medlife.com or App, create a user account and upload your prescription, apply Medlife coupon for great discounts and that’s it, your medicines delivered to you within a day’s time at absolutely no extra costs. Simple, fast and reliable, that’s how patients even in tier 2 and 3 cities of India are getting their medicines through Medlife.

#3 Get Appointments for Labs Instantly


If you’ve been aware of the health apps currently available in India, you would have noticed that there are different health-tech companies helping consumers get access to one or another healthcare service, but Medlife is a big leap from that. Medlife app also enables you also to book lab appointments at hospitals nearby and delivering results to you through the app. Take advantage of the brilliant lab check-up packages that Medlife brings to you from Thyrocare Diagnostics.

#4  Learn More on Personal Healthcare

Medlife has built a fabulous website with all the information you need to prevent ailments, get the right advice on diseases and know all about medicines, myths, treatment updates and more. You can simply check the Medlife blog to find information and guidance on different diseases, medical myths and misconceptions, and important advice on medical supplies. Another way to get the best of healthcare is to follow Medlife on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and get the right tips and info just on your smartphone screens.

#5 Become A Medlife Affiliate

If you’ve already used the app and know that it can benefit others too, as well as grow your own income, you are just the right person to become a member of the Medlife Affiliate Program. You can simply join Medlife Affiliate and start using your online presence to increase revenue in the easiest ways possible.

Now it’s so much easier to be healthy, wealthy and wise!


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