The X-men series got its latest addition which is the last and final instalment of its action entertainment booster, Logan. In this 2017 action sequel, Hugh Jackman slays Wolverine for one last time. This and many other reasons are why you definitely shouldn’t miss this movie. Find out what’s in store in Hugh Jackman’s final goodbye to the X-Men franchise.


Marvel Comics does a stellar comeback with the adaptation of the comic “Old Man Logan”

Old Man Logan was a futuristic comic novel presented by Marvel back in June 2008. This is one of the most reminisced X-men comic book millennials were obsessed with back in the day. After X-men Apocalypse released in 2016, fans have been looking to find out what happened to Wolverine after he saves the world from Sabah Nur and Logan’s storyline delivers exactly the same answers!


In Logan (2017), Wolverine wakes up to rescue a sweet innocent toddler

Like all superheroes, the mutant powers of Wolverine arises this time to rescue innocent city people from the hands of Reavers, a group of criminal cyborgs who plan to destroy mankind and make the Earth only a land of mutants. That means more action, more adventure and off-course breathtaking cinematography of cities.

DF-09972 - Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and Dafne Keen as Laura in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.
DF-09972 – Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and Dafne Keen as Laura in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

Logan has wonderful action sequences choreographed by the same team from Deadpool

Deadpool’s dialogue and screenplay received immense appreciation from all corners of the world leading to the movie becoming the 9th highest grossing movie of all time, and the highest grossing X-Men movie ever. This same stunt-team has created the same action drama in Logan.


Logan is the best solo Wolverine movie for a badass X-Men fan

After six movies with a team of X-Men mutants, came in Wolverine – the solo mutant superhero who braced Reavers, Sentinels and En Sabah Nur, the mutant dictators and destroyers. In this 10th edition, Prof X (played by Patrick Steward) and his subject Logan discover long lost superpowers after Logan rises from his hermitage in Yukon. There’s a surprise awaiting the viewers about the character of Laura, which you actually have to see in order to believe.


After slaying a stunt-champ in X-Men Apocalypse, here comes an aging Wolverine

Until the last edition of X-Men, we all knew how strong and powerful Wolverine used to be, but now just like humans, the stunt-slaying superhero has fallen aback. Wolverine, the all-powerful mutant is now just as sensitive to the environment as humans are.

wolverine-sliderIt’s fun to see the coming-of-age of superheroes in whatever form they are! It’s good news for desi Wolverine fans that Hugh Jackson said that SRK should play the character in an Indian adaptation.

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