There is no gaga rage over this one, but you can surely stand out if you own one!

Smart TV’s are slowly sneaking into homes and if you are incidentally planning a new TV purchase, here is why it must be ‘SMART’.

1. The Internet

Opera TV Browser

Too lazy to reach out for the smartphone? Just browse the web on your TV.

Smart TV’s can connect you to the internet with a web browsing application like Opera. All you need is your TV remote to surf through the web pages.

Isn’t that webby cool?

2. Apps and Games

Smart TV Games

Of course, apps and games on phones and tablets are addicting. How more addictive can it get on a TV?

The answer – A lot more!

Stream videos and movies from YouTube, Netflix and Hotstar apps. Now, weekends are going to be a lot more entertaining!

3. Video Calls

Skype Video Calls

Skype calls won’t be frustrating anymore! You’ve got a big screen for video conferencing which you’d totally love.

And, BTW there is Facebook and Twitter too if you’re bored 😛

4. 4K and Motion Enhancement

4K Picture Quality

Say ‘YES’ to clean and clear displays with 4K resolution on Smart TVs. Vivid, colorful and fantastic images are rendered as and how they appear in real.

Enjoy a riveting game of cricket/football with smooth transition in frames, thanks to the Motion Enhancement technology.

Check out some Samsung SMART TVs with splendid displays.

Life can’t get more beautiful! 😎

5. PVR/DVR Functionality

Record Live TV

Record your favorite shows as and when they are telecasted on live TV with the PVR/DVR feature.

You can playback your records anytime.

There are many options to go for while buying a Smart TV in India. Brands like Vu, LeEco, and Sony have some amazing Smart television choices to go for.

Choose yours wisely and pick features you would most likely use on your Smart TV. Grab latest Amazon Electronics Sale Offers for buying electronic items at throwaway prices.

Happy Telewatching! 😀

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