The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to our day-to-day lives and the world has taken a pledge to overrule the situation by staying home. Recently, our honourable Prime Minister announced a 21-days lockdown in the country, advising people to strictly stay at home in order to break the chain of the contagious coronavirus outbreak. Though the panic and anxiety may take a toll on our minds, we can still utilize this quarantine period to make the most out of it and do things that we didn’t have time for. With basic chores to perform and limited human interaction, one could make this home quarantine worth of productivity by indulging in fun activities that would help you identify your hidden talent and skill up.

To help you relieve you of this distress and boredom caused by social distancing, we’ve created a list of five skills that you can learn during the 21-day quarantine period.

List of Skills to Learn During the 21 Days Quarantine Period

1. Bring Out The Musician In You


Music never disappoints – it helps you connect with yourself, motivates you, charges you up, and improves your concentration. You know you have always wanted to be a guitarist or a pianist who could produce their own composition. Well, now is the time to get started. Grab on the guitar, piano, flute, violin, or whichever instrument you have with yourself and start living your Rockstar dream.

2. Grab Your Chef’s Hat and Spatulas


You’ve always loved cooking Maggi for your friends and family with a pinch of experiment, right? Why limit yourself to just instant noodles? Use this free time to get started with brushing up your culinary skills and learn to cook a new cuisine. Cooking, undoubtedly, is one of the best skills to have and it will help you skip the boring everyday home-cooked meals. Once you get out of the lockdown, call up your friends, flaunt your Masterchef skills and have them drooling for your special dishes.

3. Show Your Crafty Side


Grab on everything at your disposal that could help you flaunt your artistry skills. Unleash the artist in you and discover the unexplored crafty side of yours. You have a plethora of craft skills to choose from – painting, calligraphy, origami, knitting, or sketching. You can utilize your craft to decorate your room, designing book covers, utility boxes, making photo frames, or more.

4. Learn a New Language


You have been locked into your homes and cannot go places, so you need to stop fantasizing about your dream destinations. What you can still do, to upbeat your mood a little is learn a foreign language. Start with online language classes or watch foreign-language movies that might help you with the process. And till it gets safer to fly to your next holiday destination, you’ll be all prepped to interact with the locals there.

5. Start a Blog


Have you been saving up on the vocabulary to use for your uncertain future blogs? Now is the time to get started! Start with writing a creative journal or day-to-day log of the activities that you perform during this lockdown and it could be of great historical significance for the future generations, who knows? Also, writing blogs will help you gain control over the words creatively and improve your writing skills, storytelling, language, synonyms, and vocabulary for your own good.

Here you go with the top skills that could help you improve your productivity and survive this lockdown with ease. Now you won’t have any excuses – all your time is up your sleeves and what you need to do is move your lazy bodies to do more during this quarantine period. Also, don’t let those myths around Coronavirus overpower your daily routine. HerevStay creative and stay safe!

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