Amazon Gift Cards

As the battle for supremacy in the Indian e-commerce sector rages, Amazon India has time and again found new ways to pull forward and leave competitors hustling behind. The Prime membership followed by Prime Video was a massive hit which surged Amazon well ahead of its competition.

Now, with a stark gap in the gifting space in India, Amazon has come up with specialized physical and e-gift cards to suit every memorable occasion.

Amazon Gift Card Offers

While many simply consider Amazon gift cards as only a gifting option, we will let you know that with Amazon gift card offers it is indeed an amazing way to shop and save more as well.

Here are 5 instances when Amazon Gift Cards come to your rescue.

1. Customized Gift Cards for Every Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and just about every special occasion can be made joyful with specialized gift cards from Amazon India. The amazing part of gifting through Amazon is that you can send out both physical cards and e-cards.

Amazon Birthday Cards

If you have planned an occasion well in advance, a physical card should bring immense joy to the recipient. If not, send a special greeting or message in an instant with Amazon e-gift cards 🙂

2. When You Don’t Have a Gift Idea

Stumped without a gifting idea?

Lo and Behold! Gift cards are your way out.

There are times when you definitely don’t know what you should gift to another person. Skip the fuss and get to the fun part by picking Amazon gift cards as your gifting choice.

3. Shopping, the Cheaper Way!

Amazon gift cards aren’t just for gifting. You can make your shopping at Amazon a fairly cheaper affair by buying gift cards with discounts when deals are available. There are big offers time and again on gift cards.

Amazon Gift Cards

Usually, there are close to 10% discounts on gift cards from Amazon. This is a huge money saver when you purchase a high denomination gift card and add it to your Amazon pay balance.

What next? Shop with a smug smile of satisfaction and savings on your face 😉

4. Greeting Cards cum Gift Cards

Gifting cards need not look like gifting cards at all. You can camouflage them as greeting cards and give your recipient a sweet surprise when they open it.

Amazon Greeting Cards

These greeting cards are suitable for all occasions and you can make it special for the receiver by picking a physical greeting card combined with a gift voucher for gifting.

5. For Impulsive and Instant Gifts

They are jiffy, aren’t delayed by delivery services and reach the recipient in an instant. Amazon e-gift cards have transformed gifting big time.

Understanding that you can easily forget someone else’s birthday or special day as you are caught up in your million and one daily commitments, Amazon makes gifting simple and easy with e-mail gift cards.

Amazon Email Gift Cards

Simply pick a type of e-gift card (based on the occasion), choose a denomination, enter the recipient’s email address and hit the send button.

Voila! Your email gift card is delivered 😀

Have fun gifting!

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