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Travel on your mind? We have 5 tips to get the best deals on Read till the end to get the maximum worth of the price you pay for your stay!

5) Book last minute: Promo Code
If you are someone who loves to make impromptu plans and is wary of rigid schedule, you should go for this option. Book the hotel room at the last moment and you are bound to get a minimum discount of 20%. So you can save a lot or stay in a better room than what your budget would have allowed you under normal circumstances.

4) Use your Search Filters smartly: Promo Code is known for its search filters and if you use them smartly to your advantage, your happiness quotient will be higher!
Some of the crucial filters you should look at are:-

Location:  If you are not looking to stay in a specific location, filter for location score from 8 or upwards. This will allow you to find a better place in a wider location.

Stars & Other Facilities: The number of stars given to a particular hotel is based on some of the basic facilities that these hotels need to have. Instead of using stars to narrow down your choice, you should put in filters like breakfast, 24-hour reception, parking and free Wi-Fi to book a room of your choice.

3) Check for other costs:

If you are not careful, heating and air-con can really affect the price you pay for your stay. Depending upon your holiday location, you might need your room warm or cold. A lot of hotels do not include the heating and air-con price in the price they state for the room. This cost is supposed to be paid on the side. You should always go for a room which has these costs included in the price itself as it always better to know than assume. Promo Code

2) Get a Member status:

If you sign up to, you become eligible to secret prices and exclusive discounts. Promo Code

Also, you can get a Genius status at If you are a wanderer or you frequently book hotels through for yourself or for your kith and kin, this is an easy target for you. All you need to do to become a Genius member of is- Book your stay 5 times or more in a span of 2 years.

1) Book through below link: 

Book through the below link and get FLAT 5% of the price paid for your room BACK as Real CASH. This Cash can be transferred to your Bank account/PayPal account.

Get FLAT 5% Extra Cash when you book via us.

You need to visit one of the links and sign up while you click out to and make your booking as you normally do. Within the next 24 hours, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your Cashback being credited to your account.

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