The sweltering summer can really take a toll on you. As the mercury rises, so does your susceptibility to certain summer specific health issues. It could be sunburn, bug bites or just the annoying feeling you get when you’re sweating non-stop.  Check out these tricks that will keep your body and mind cool while the scorching sun shines.

Cool Your Pulse Points

We already told you how your pulse points can make your perfume last longer, but did you know they could help your body stay cool too?  Yes! Just soak a towel in cold water and apply it to your pulse points (Read: Wrists, Base of Neck, Insides of elbows and insides of knees). This will lower your body temperature and give you the much needed respite from the heat.pulse points

Ice Cube Health Boost

I admit, I am guilty of sucking on an ice cube as a child when it got immensely hot but desperate summertime calls for desperate measures. In my defence, it does cool the body down and is recommended. To make this ice sucking affair a healthy one, you could infuse your favourite berries into the cubes before you freeze them.

ice cubes

24 Hour Sunburn Cure

I came across this method after using every trick in the book to heal a stinging sunburn and it’s really simple. Just wet a washcloth with cold water and the splash some Apple Cider Vinegar on it. Dab this on your face for instant relief. Then, slather your face with coconut oil and your skin will thank you the next day!

Try  Healthviva Apple Cider Vinegar for best results.

apple cider vinegar

At Home Exercising

When it’s THAT HOT outside, your mind and your body will want you to stay indoors (That’s where the air-conditioners live!). The heat does make us not want to step out for that jog or yoga at the park. So, why not bring exercise inside? There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will explain how to work out right at home. Just make sure you stay true to yourself and don’t skip reps!

exercise at home

Drink Only Water

The heat makes you sin in terms of calories. Every day, you mindlessly consume cold drinks and packaged fruit juices that have more calories that you can imagine. Instead, just reach for a glass of cold water that will keep you hydrated and cool. You could even go for flavoured vitamin water that has no calories and a lot of nutrients that plain water doesn’t have.

Try Wild Vitamin Water – Energise which will give you your daily dose of vitamins in a tropical citrus flavor.


Keep Calm & Stay Cool!

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