Monsoon is here and yes, we all love to get drenched in the rain. There is no way saying it but if rain is our first love,then our gadgets are no behind. We just cannot abandon one for the sake of the other. No one carries poly bags anymore. Don’t be upset! Look out for these waterproof gadgets to add in your bucket this monsoon.

GoPro Hero Camera Series 


The GoPro Hero series cameras are capable of shooting full HD videos. Capture the moments which very frequently miss out due to odd weather conditions. The GoPro series is capable of shooting 5 photos in 1 second. The series also features bluetooth and built-in WiFi to share the pictures with your friends and family. Say yes to rain dance!

LifeProof Phone Cover


Our phone is most precious to us and we’ll not be able to survive for long without it. We use mobile cases to keep them safe from external damage but they are not always water resistant. LifeProof mobile cases and covers are here to protect your mobile phone from water.

Intex Fitrist Band


Fitness bands are a fad these days. You can easily spot anyone wearing it. Fitness bands help you track your heart rate and the number of steps. But not all fit into your budget. With a price tag of Rs 1000, Intext fitrist is water-resistant and will also keep a tab on your fitness goals.

Casio Watch


The Japanese manufacturer is known for its premium watches. Every Casio watch is at least 20m water resistant. Buy yourself a Casio watch be it a G-Shock or Edifice. Casio watches come with 2 years of warranty.

SoundLogic Waterplay


Bathroom singers rejoice! Take a look at SoundLogic Waterplay shower speaker. It has a bulit-in battery and it runs with Bluetooth. You can also answer the calls directly. The price of the speaker will not leave a hole in your pocket.

What are you waiting for? Let it rain!

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