That chic and stylish Little Black Dress that we affectionately call an LBD is probably the pride of your wardrobe. More than once, it has been your saviour in “I have no idea what to wear” situations. Due to the sheer versatility of this ensemble, it can go from formal wear to casual wear in a matter of seconds. If you have the right tricks up your sleeve, you can style it to give you completely different looks every time you decide to don that black garment of unmatched allure. Read on to find out!

Go All – Black

The top-to-toe all- black look emits elegance and charm like nobody’s business. Pick up that super trendy black bag, the oh-so classy black heels and even sheer black hose and you’re ready to rock that after-work party. A lacy neckline with your lustrous hair worn down will give an extra touch of panache to your look.All Black

What’s more is that Style Queen Sarah Jessica Parker swears by the all black look for LBDs. That’s enough of a motivational boost to get you to try this out tonight, isn’t it?

Add a Little Red

You can never go wrong with red. The contrast created when red and black come together is conducive of jaw dropping sultriness. Just adding red pumps to your dress will make you look stunning in an instant. Ruby Red heels with a dress as dark as night will make you stand out without a doubt. Think black body hugging dress with highly stylish red stilettos. The look has sexy written all over it!3-Drew-Barrymore-Little-Black-Dress-with-Red-Heels

Alternatively, you can even make the Red/Black contrast work by carrying a super classy red clutch or wearing ruby red lipstick. Use Shopclues coupon code to pick your perfect red accessory without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wear a Major Necklace

When in doubt, let your accessories do the talking!  Add a dose of flair to your look by adorning your neck with a statement necklace. Get the best bling for your buck by dialling down on other accessories when you go for a statement necklace. This way the necklace takes the center stage making heads turn all night long. It might even make you the object of some people’s envy! Either way, you will shine as brightly as the necklace does.

Statement Necklace

Make sure you go for a longer necklace if you have a short neck and you can earn some major style points at the next soiree you attend. You can show off the cute dress and also your favourite, attention grabbing necklaces. It’s a win-win situation!

Leather Jacket Look

Throw on a leather jacket over your LBD for the most smart and trendy look. Layering never goes out of style and gets extra points for flamboyance. With just a simple jacket you can change your entire look within seconds. The difference in texture between the leather jacket and the dress makes for an exciting and uber stylish combo.

Leather Jacket

Lack leather in your closet? Find the perfect jacket to go with your LBD using jabong coupons and get extra Cashback from CashKaro.

Nude Shoes Galore

A little secret for those fashionistas who have some trouble with their height! As much as I’d like to stress on the fact that your height does not dictate the kind of pizzazz you possess, wearing nude shoes with your little black dress will give you an instant leg lengthening look. Make your legs look like they go on for miles with this trick while adding instant oomph to your outfit as well.


There are numerous ways through which you can make your little black dress a little more fun. Just find the style that defines you for an effortless look that will make you the epitome of class and style.

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