Watching movies on the mobile phone can be a painful task. The invention of virtual-reality gears has changed the game and turned the television market upside down. They are handy, give a splendid entertainment experience, and have a futuristic design.

Here are 6 of the most affordable VR headsets under Rs 1,500 in India.

Zebronics ZEB VR

Zebronics ZEB VR

Zebronics ZEB is an affordable VR headset with a price tag of just Rs 899. It has an extra-soft contact pad which gives comfort for longer hours and also enough room for wearing glasses. It can fit any phone with screen size from 4.5-inch to 6-inch. You can also adjust the focal length and pupil distance according to your comfort.

VR Shinecon G-01 3D

VR Shinecon

If you wish to indulge in immersive VR experience, then go for VR Shinecon G-01 3D. It has an adjustable card slot and can fit mobile phones ranging from 3.5-inch to 5.5-inch. You can also adjust the focal length and pupil distance manually. At Rs 750, VR Shinecon is a convincing deal.


Ant VR

The ANT VR was launched with Lenovo K4 Note earlier this year but it is now available for independent purchase at Rs 1,199. It is glasses friendly which means you can wear your glasses while watching a movie. However, it is not completely covered from the sides which give room for light to enter in.



JT VR box is one of the most affordable virtual-reality headset gear in the market. It comes with an adjustable spherical lens. The JT VR box has an anti-dust design and side padding to eliminate the light. The T-shaped straps can be fixed as per the requirement. The weight can be an issue but otherwise it a great option given the price of Rs 400.

GetCardboard DIY VR Kit

GetCardboard DIY VR Kit

GetCardboard is by far the cheapest VR headset in the market. It is inspired from Google cardboard but available only for Rs 190 at Amazon India. It comes packed with a magnetic trigger, nose cushion, and adjustable head strap. It can fit a mobile phone of screen size upto 5.5-inch.

Vörtec VR Headset

Vörtec VR headset

Vortec VR headset is compatible with devices from 3.5-inch to 6-inch. The other features include face foam protector, magnet trigger, and adjustable belt. Buy it for Rs 499 and keep the salted popcorn bucket ready.

Ready to upgrade from PVR to VR?

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