6 Best UPS to Power Up Your Computer

Best UPS for Your Computer

Your laptops and PCs run on electricity, and they need it pretty much all the time. An uninterrupted power supply for these devices is a must. Most of the homes in India still don’t get 24 hours of electricity and in such a scenario, installing a UPS for your desktop becomes very important. UPS is short for Uninterruptible Power Supply and is used to provide backup to computers in case of power-cut or blackout. There are a lot of options available in the market these days when it comes to UPS. Check out this list to find the best UPS for yourself.

Best UPS for Your Computer

1. Zebronics 600 VA U725

Zeb-U725 is a line-interactive UPS that comes with a wide input range, three output sockets and a host of other features. It is a microcontroller-based UPS with an LED, audible alarms, and sleep mode charging. It offers automatic voltage regulation to ensure all your connected systems are safe and running even through voltage fluctuations. The recharge time is 6 hours after complete discharge, and it is also compatible with a generator.

Overload Protection

This UPS comes with overload protection that helps in saving the connected device in case of overload.

Editor’s Choice

2. APC Back -UPS BX600C

APC Back-UPS is a great choice for multiple reasons. It offers a range of state-of-the-art features such as a great load capacity, wide input range, automatic voltage regulation, and cold start among many others. It is compatible with generator as well as with Wi-Fi router and DSL modem. The smart battery offers enhanced performance and dependability and notifies you timely about faults and replacement time. It also has LED displays and audible alarms. It protects your hardware data during power outages, surges, and spikes.

BIS Approved

This APC UPS is BIS approved and also has RoHS compliance which means it is tested, certified and perfectly safe to use.

Premium Choice

3. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+

Microtek UPS has an excellent microprocessor that makes it extremely reliant. Other key features include overload and discharge protection, auto start while AC is recovering, easy off mode charging, generator compatibility, and cold start function. It also gives you a longer battery life, thus making it a value pick.

Voltage Stabilization

This UPS comes with boost and buck AVR that provides a stable voltage to the connected devices protecting them from damage.

Leading Contender

4. Zebronics ZEB U775

From the house of Zebronics, this UPS has the best of features and works well to ensure complete computer protection from overload, short circuit, over discharge and over charge. It offers double boost voltage and is capable of handling fluctuations. It comes with three output sockets that are safe to use even during voltage spikes. Some of the other notable features are LED and audible alarms and cold start function.

Sleep Mode Charging

This UPS features sleep mode charging which means it can charge itself when it is connected to mains but not turned on.

Popular Choice

5. Artis PS-600VA UPS

It is reliable, unbelievably hassle-free, and easy to set up. The compact design makes it a great fit for a narrow table or a system snuck in a corner. It offers 40 minutes back up, though it may vary depending on load or devices connected. It is a user-friendly UPS with smart functions like auto start and cold start, audible alarms and LED indicators. The heavy-duty battery gives it a long life and high-performance power. It provides a full backup of 15 – 45 minutes depending upon the configuration of the PC.

Lightweight & Silent

Being a lightweight UPS, it is easy to move around and manage. It offers sine wave output and is silent in operation.

Affordable Option

6. VGUARD Sesto

Pick this application desktop UPS if you are looking for backing up one computer and a printer. It extends high voltage protection to your systems and offers off mode charging as well. On a full battery charge, it gives you about 10-15 minutes of back up in times of power cuts.

Good Quality

It is a good quality UPS with a solid body which means it is built to last and will give protection to your computer for a long time.

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