Fresh herbs not only add a new zing to old dishes, but they also have multiple health benefits. Today, we list down some herbs that will thrive as indoor plants and can be easily added to your kitchen garden.

Must-Have Herbs in your Kitchen


Basil is one of the most used herbs in cooking. It has a rich clove-like flavour and aroma. It is the main ingredient in pesto sauce and is commonly used for garnishing.


Basil requires 6-8 hours of bright sunlight and moist, drained soil. Water it generously during summer months.


It is used to season Greek and Italian dishes. Both the leaves and the flowers of this herb are edible. It tastes pungent and spicy.


Oregano can grow in warm temperatures, with full days of sunlight and light, well-drained soil. Be careful not to overwater the plant.


It is used as a spice or as a garnish in soups, salads and meat dishes. The popular Middle Eastern dish, Tabouli features parsley as the main ingredient.


Parsley can be grown in partial shade or full sunlight. It requires rich, moist soil so it is best to water it whenever the soil seems dry.


The herb pairs deliciously with chicken, lamb and beans. The pungent aroma also keeps pests (and even cats) away.


Rosemary requires full sun and light, drained soil. It is best to let the soil dry out between watering.


It is used as a seasoning in Caribbean dishes owing to its powerful flavour and aroma. It tastes best with meats and in salsa sauces.

Cilantro (2)

The plant thrives in full sun or light shade. It requires well-drained soil and a lot of watering in the germination stage. As the plant grows, it requires less amount of water.


It is used as a seasoning for poultry dishes and in sauces. Sage flowers are also edible and are commonly added to salads. It is also used to prepare teas which are used as herbal home remedies for various ailments.


It can be grown in part shade and requires slightly sandy soil. Make sure the soil is well-drained. It does not require a lot of water so you can wait until the soil is dry before watering it.

If you’re just starting out, it is best to use healthy plants instead of seeds for a lush kitchen garden. Make sure you use a bright space with ample air circulation. You can get creative and add beautiful planters to prettify your space.

Green Thumb’s Up!

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