Jet Airways has always been a branded airline for 25 years, owing to its consistent hospitality and scheduled flight services for its guests. Moreover, it is renowned for its exceptional reward points and JP Miles that passengers can earn in their travels. No wonder, it has been rated as India’s No. 1 Airline at TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards 2017.

Impressed by the impeccable services and round the clock cabin crew assistance during their flights, some passengers have recorded their Jet Airways journeys. Take a look at these testimonials and stay updated on the latest Jet Airways offers so that you know where to head for when planning your next awesome in-flight experience!

A Pleasant Journey From Bangkok to Mumbai

A travel blogger has mentioned about his experiences in a video about flying with 9W69 from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok to Chhatrapati International Airport, Mumbai in March 2017. The highlights from this review are the prompt and warm cabin crew service and the unique food and wine offered on-air. 1JAWatch the video to get the details of this flight experience!

Flying business class from Mumbai to Goa

An Australian traveller recounts his experience with 9W472 travelling to Goa in which he savoured the Indian curries with loads of spices. He also caught a momentous sight of what looks like a prevention of bird strike. Watch his video to be mesmerised with the congeniality aboard.

Slept Peacefully While Returning From Brussels to Delhi

There’s nothing as exasperating as a long hours flight during which passengers have to restrict themselves to the straight-back seats with little leg space. But this traveller got lucky with the upgrade to business class and wholesome food and wine service on offer. Learn all about how to redeem your JP miles to get an upgrade like he did. His recommendation for Jet Airways states “safe and nice experience.”

From Hong Kong to India, with love

A Korean passenger recollects his journey from Hong Kong to Delhi via 9W077 in a 6-hour flight. She explains the welcoming attitude of the cabin crew and the diverse menu offered in-flight followed with the entertainment panel on the Jet Screen which had a genre of world’s classical movies. She rated the flight journey as 8/10.

Escaping To Paris from Mumbai

A globe-trotting woman records her experience in the flight to Paris with an economy class carrier. The flight was in association with Etihad Airways, Jet’s International partner. This flight was remarkable for the screens flashing on all common walls of the aircraft and the a la carte food and beverage services available on-air. Watch it for the smooth taxiing and the superb aerial view of Mumbai.

Flying Home To Amsterdam

Making a home in Amsterdam – now that’s a life goal most millennials would have. But a local Dutch girl, Ivana Iperkovic, recounts her memories of India while talking about her trip here. She mentions the royalty onboard her first business class flight via 9W 232 that she boarded from Chhatrapati International Airport. It was rather surprising to see her talk at length about the Jet Airways crew who made her journey back home so enchanting. Watch the video to see the excitement unfold!

If you haven’t had a Jet Airways experience yet, it’s time to book your tickets for one, now!

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