Eucalyptus Oil For Beard Hair | Benefits & How to Use Beard Oil

Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Eucalytpus oil help in softening, strengthening and restoring the vital nutrients of facial hair, while improving the overall look and feel of beards. The essential oil is lauded for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in accelerating the growth of beards where ever the hair follicles are present.  This essential oil have the potential to increase blood flow and circulation, thus making Eucalyptus oil as one of the best beard oil.

Applying eucalyptus oil to your beard is easy and can be added to your daily morning regime for improved beard growth.

Eucalyptus cream is another great alternative to beard oil, instead providing a non-oily matte finish. The moisturizing properties leave the skin underneath hydrated while improving dry skin.

There are many other uses of eucalyptus oil on hair including follicle stimulation, improved hair health, relief from an itchy scalp, treating lice etc.

1How To Use Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Like moisturizer for skin or conditioner for hair, eucalyptus beard oil nourishes and protect your beard. Here’s a eucalyptus beard oil tutorial to keep your beard looking moisturized and feeling soft.


  1. The best time to apply any beard oil is right after a shower
  2. Pat your beard dry
  3. Take some eucalyptus oil in your palm
  4. Apply oil on your beard using your fingers
  5. Use circular motion to stimulate blood circulation
  6. Massage skin below beard with oil
  7. Comb your beard to spread out the oil
  8. You can either leave the oil in your beard or pat it dry with a towel after 30 minutes
  9. Apply twice a week at least for best results

Remember to apply eucalyptus oil at least twice a week for maximum benefits. People with a dry scalp and hair should consider oiling their hair at least thrice a week.

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