6 Products For Newborns That New Moms Should Know About

You just had the most life-changing experience of your lifetime. You became a mum, and now you have a cute bundle of joy in your hands that you want to care about the most – your baby! As you enter this new phase of life, you know that you have to make the utmost efforts to keep your baby healthy and happy. Starting from the premises of your home to the consumables that he/she has, everything requires your careful attention. So, take a step back from your regular routine and check out these fascinating baby products that will definitely make motherhood the delightful time that it ought to be!

#1 LittleGenie Handsfree Diaper Pail

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Your home is the environment in which your baby breathes his/her first breaths. So it’s quite natural that you want to keep it odour-free, microbe-free, sanitised and fresh throughout the day. This hands-free diaper pail is meant to do just that. It keeps harmful odours and infections away by providing safe disposals of used diapers. No litter, no leakage, and no diseases at all, because this diaper pail has a mosquito repelling system, a triple odour control, a child lock and 2 refill polyethene bags.

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#2 First Kids Step Toddler Mattress with Mosquito Net


What do you think of when you say “Sleep like a baby”? Obviously, you are talking about the comfortable and relaxing sleep of a toddler. So for your baby’s 360-degree comfort and safety, a close-wired sleeping mattress with mosquito net is the best choice. Zipped in the middle, ventilated by a net and a soft cotton mattress as the base, this First Kids Step Toddler Mattress is all you need to give your munchkin the comfort of your lap as well as the much-needed safety conditions.

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#3 Hanging Cradle Jhoola Swing With Top Mosquito Net

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Many a time, your baby might not get sleep in his/her usual cot and this might become a harrowing time for you. But you can be a smart Mum and prevent your baby from becoming a cranky one by utilising this swinging jhoola-styled hanging cradle with mattress and mosquito net. Just keep in mind that it is apt for kids aged up to 15 months and weighing less than 10 KGs.

#4 Disposable Herbal Soothing Baby Wipes

Image result for Himalaya Herbal Soothing Baby WipesOne of the essentials in your baby care kit, baby wipes need a careful selection. They should be smooth, soft, disposable and made of a skin-friendly material for preventing skin rashes of your baby. That’s why this pack of baby wipes by Himalaya is a perfect choice. It moisturises baby skin and provides a calming and soothing sensation to it; it’s supplemented with herbal extracts, aloe and almond oils and keeps your baby’s skin rash-free during diaper changes and bathing.

#5 BabyGo Soft Adjustable Baby Carrier

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This 4-in-1 adjustable baby carrier with head support and buckle straps is perfect for mothers who have a multitude of tasks to complete in a day. Just remember that as long as your baby weighs within 10 KGs, you can use it. This carrier lets you hold your baby cradle style, backpack style, chest facing style and also in the forward facing style. The straps are tough and strong so that you can adjust comfortably and is augmented with chest and shoulder pads so you can get additional support.

#6 NOVICZ Big Size Baby Play Mat

Image result for NOVICZ Latest Big Size Baby Play Mat kids soft Baby Gym Bay Crawling Rugs baby Cartoon Activity Carpet Infant Bed

This Winnie the Pooh styled play mat cum gym set is designed for kids to play, crawl and move around in without any disturbances or irritation. There are toys hanging from the top that your kid will surely love and the base is padded with washable fabric. Kids can crawl, jump or lie on their back on this baby gym carpet.

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