5 Ways to Make Money Online (Blogging, Cashback Sites, YouTube & More)

Yes, you read it right! Making money online without any investment is absolutely possible.


Well, you’ve got millions of people out there doing it as their full-time job. Add to that some more millions who do it in their free time and you’ve got a whole country into it.

Believe it or not, making money online is REAL and is no scam!

If you are still skeptical, then we highly suggest you try these 6 proven ways of making real money online without even throwing in a dime.

1. Listverse

Remember the Joker’s words from ‘Dark Knight’? “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. Well, that is the truth simply put.

Here is an amazing site that will reward you with sweet cash if you are good at writing interesting and engaging content.

Listverse pays $100 for every article that gets approved on submission

Here’s a little brief about what Listverse does. It is basically a listicle site which serves readers Top 10s in categories like Bizarre, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Science, Society, GK and more.

Love to compile a list of interesting facts or happenings? Head over to Listverse.com to make your fortune!

2. Cashback Sites

Affiliate marketing has gone to a whole new level. A level where it is rewarding to shop online. Cashback sites are the new craze for making money online. You must have used Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal coupon codes to shop for products at their best prices. What if we told you that these best prices on shopping sites can even be lowered to make it a bumper deal for you?

Well, that is entirely possible. Cashback sites like CashKaro.com have tie-ups with over 1000 online shopping sites and so, every time you shop online at Flipkart or Amazon through CashKaro, you get extra cashback.

Know how it works.

Secret Tip: Psst! It pays to have friends. Refer your friends to CashKaro.com and get 10% of their cashback earnings forever. How does that sound?

3. Flip a Domain

We told you this list had zero investment methods for making money. But this one can mint you diamonds if you can . So, please excuse us once *please* *please*

Now that we are excused, let’s get back to business. This money making idea here is what we call a 1000% return on investment.

That sports bike you are hoping to purchase within a year will be in your front yard within a month. We aren’t bluffing. All that we are saying is flipping domains is extremely profitable.

Here’s how it works:

Remember that everyone wants a domain that conveys what a website is doing. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Just by typing in www.facebook.com, you get an idea that this website has something to do with people. How? The words ‘Face’ and ‘Book’ give it away. As simple as that!

So, anyone and everyone who is looking to build a personal or business site want a domain name that mirrors the core idea of the site.

This is why a lot of people look for domain names that closely match their websites’ purpose or service. But this search doesn’t always end with a satisfied result. Why?

This is because, people looking to make money online buy a lot of short, sweet and meaningful domains and block their availability to other users. So, how can one redeem these domains?

Answer: Auctions. Sites like GoDaddy conduct auctions where a lot of super-cool and trendy domains are available at hefty prices. These prices are set by the owners of the domains who might have grabbed those domains at super-cheap prices. Now, when businesses need a to-the-point domain, they pay the hefty price and buy the domain from its owner. This is called domain flipping and it reaps money like crazy!

Kind Request: Please do try this, if you can spare 500 bucks!

4. Google

Own a website? At least a blog? Great. You’re already all set to make some cash.

Heard of Google AdSense?

No? It’s your new best friend. It’s time to form a connection. Go to Google AdSense and create an account. Follow the steps given and in no time, you will have Google ads showing relevant ads on your site.

Every time a user clicks on the ads, you get paid J

Cash inflow begins (devil laugh)

5. YouTube

Everything is better with a video. That’s right. We are a digital generation and have got no time for blah blahs and beating around the bush.

Only the hardcore readers and still readers today. The others are on YouTube.

Easy consumption of vast amounts of data and information at a fraction of the reading time makes YouTube a global hub for millennials. Thousands of new videos from users around the world are uploaded every day.

Some of these videos go viral and the creator makes a fortune out of it. If you are interested in making original videos, why not give it a shot?

Geoffrey Ashok
CashKaro Blog