Have you ever wondered looking at some celebrities that how come they manage to look so good even without makeup? Don’t let the terms ‘no makeup’ fool you! Because these terms translate to wearing makeup in such a subtle way that it’s almost invisible. Wearing makeup that does not makes you look made up is a challenging task. That’s why I am breaking down the steps through which you can achieve the au naturale look! Let’s get started with them:

Prep your skin

This is the most important step for a barely-there makeup look. Perfect your canvas by applying a moisturizer as per your skin type. Don’t think about skipping it if you have an oily skin. You might feel moisturizer is your foe but by not using it, your skin will become dehydrated and will produce even more oil to compensate. All you have to do is ensure that you use the right one for your oily skin. Opt for water-based moisturizers as they have a light texture. Clean n Clear skin balancing moisturizer is a quality as well as budget-friendly option. Buy it at Purplle store via CashKaro for a discounted price.

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Apply base

Start with a primer. If your skin isn’t busy with many issues, work with a tinted moisturizer as it will help you even out your skin tone and also provide a little bit of coverage. If you have a lot to cover, apply a bb cream as they offer more coverage. If you want to cover only some spots, use a concealer to cover them. After you are done with this, apply loose powder only on areas which tend to get shiny by mid-day. Remember that natural skin is never matte.


Ace the base

The manner in which you apply your base will break or enhance your no-makeup look. There should be no visible lines of your base. Use a beauty blender or real techniques miracle sponge for a flawless finish. For those who have a large pore size, they can benefit tremendously from using a buffing brush. The makeup tools you will use to apply your base will be a game changer. Do not underestimate their power.


Natural flush


For the most natural healthy glow, choose a cream blush with a warm undertone. A cream blush is available in two finishes: Dewy and Semi-Matte. Opt for the first one if you have a dry-normal skin. If you have a combination-oily skin, opt for the latter one. Apply using your fingers or blush. Keep your face shape in mind for applying it in the correct method.

Define your eyes


And by that, I don’t mean that you put on eyeliner. Fill in your eyebrows properly. Apply a nude pencil on your lower water line for a wide awakened effect. Skip colored mascara and go for a transparent mascara. You can even use an eye lash curler to curl your lashes and make your eyes pop.

Neutral lips


Go for ‘My lips but better’ lipsticks that have a creamy finish. This means that opt for shades close to the color of your lips so as to create a natural effect. This neutral hue will help you from looking washed out. Ensure that your lipstick doesn’t have a matte or glossy finish. You can even apply a tinted lip balm which will keep your lips hydrated as well as provide a sheer color.

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