6 Wholesome Treats for Birds

Bird Food Mixes

Looking for the best seed and grain mixes to restock the birdfeeder hanging in your backyard? Check out our top picks.

Birds derive their nutrition mostly from seeds, fruits, and grains wherever they spot them. Bird feeders are a great way to supply food and health to these beautiful creatures. And that is why a stocked bird feeding station is one of the best ways to attract beautiful birds into your backyard. As opposed to simple grains, elaborate bird food mixes contain a wholesome blend of plant seeds, peanuts, flaked maize, cracked corn, millets, mealworms, and larvae among other things. To help you refill the bird feeder hanging in your garden, we have rounded up a list of the best bird food options available online.

Top 6 Bird Food Mixes

1. Tirupati Agro Seeds

This premium mix of sunflower seeds by Tirupati Agro Seeds is best suited for different breeds of parrots. These extra clean and striped sunflower seeds are high in nutrition and energy. The little birdies are sure to love them.


This 900 gm pack of sunflower seeds is well-packaged in a zip-lock bag to ensure longer shelf life.

Editor’s Choice

2. TrueFOOD

The TrueFOOD bird food mix is crafted with love for a whole range of birds, including sparrows, finches, munias, parakeets, and parrots. This bird food mix is ideal for giving the much-needed nutritional boost to your feathered friends.


This 1 kg pack of bird food contains uniformly sized high-quality seeds of foxtail millets.

Best Buy

3. Boltz

Boltz has come up with a high-quality mix to cater to the nutritional demands of budgies. It contains nyjer seeds, sunflower seeds, finger millets, yellow millets, barnyard millets, and imported oats. This balanced food provides complete nutrition to the beautiful budgies in your house.

Chemical Free

This 1.2 kg bird food is a 100% natural mix of fresh seeds with no preservatives, toxins, and colourants.

Popular Choice

4. ProtynGrubs

Nutritious and sustainably produced, ProtynGrubs brings you the right kind of insectivorous birds. It contains 100% black soldier larvae in a live condition, free from preservatives or additives. You can add this as a supplement in a seed mix for insectivorous birds like bulbul, macaw, finch, and cockatiel.

High Protein

This special preparation contains 100 larvae that supplement the right amount of protein and calcium to insectivorous birds.

Budget Buy

5. Nature Forever

The Nature Forever bird food mix is ideal for feeding grain and seed-eating birds like sparrows, silver, finches, munias, parakeets, parrots, and budgies. This mix packs the nutrition of kibbled maize, flax seeds, wild seeds, and millets. It is free from colours, preservatives, and chemicals.

Quality Assured

This 900 gm pack contains a quality blend of hand-picked premium plant seeds and grains.

Trusted Choice

6. The Birds Company

The Birds Company bird food is a hand-picked blend of delicious grains and nuts, ideal for all cockatiels. It contains 100% natural edible ingredients such as seeds of sunflower, safflower, flax, foxtail millet, pearl millet, paddy, oats, groundnuts, sorghum, and others. This is a non-GMO product, free from colours, chemicals, and preservatives.

Robust Formula

This 450 gm of bird food is fortified with spirulina and cuttlefish bone for an added nutrition dose.

Value for Money

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