Are you caught up in your professional life to find the time to step into the kitchen? The fast pace life of Mumbai has made it really difficult to make time for cooking.  Having dinner and lunch daily from restaurants or cafes upsets your stomach and causes serious stomach pains. The online tiffin services in Mumbai have made people’s life easier. The home-made cooked food delivered at your doorstep is not only an easy but also a healthy option.

Here are the best tiffin services in Mumbai that you can order from:

1. Daily Meals

Daily Meals offer 100% healthy and hygienic food. It promises to cook your food in a low cholesterol oil and the oil used once is never used again. A moderate mix of spices makes the food healthy and gives a homely feeling.

Why Order From Daily Meals

  • You can decide what to eat and at what time.
  • Also, you get to choose where to get your food delivered. There is a multiple address option from where you can choose the address at the time of placing your order
  • Easy modifications and cancellations make it a convenient option for singles and bachelors
  • Multiple date option helps you to place order in advance
  • You can choose cash on delivery or pay using daily meal wallet

2. Zakas Food

If it’s about eating homely, healthy and hygienic food, Zakas Food is the place for you! It offers affordable meals at your office and also offers corporate office canteen services. The tiffin service is famous for its special Dum Biryani service. It is authentic Hyderabadi Biryani that has a satisfying and heavenly taste.

Why Order From Zakas Food

  • Zakas Food offers 100% home-made food with fresh vegetables and other ingredients
  • Pay for what you eat and you can pause the service as per your choice
  • Meals already paid for and not ordered gets carried over on to the next month. So, for example if you pay for 20 meals, you get 20 meals.
  • Manage meals on the go on your mobile or your laptop through its website
  • You can decide the daily dish for the day or the week from the menu given online
  • You can pay for your meals through different options like Sodexo, Zeta Meal Vouchers, PayTM, FreeCharge, PayUMoney, Cards, NetBanking, etc.

Hungry Much? Order from Zakasfood and avail great offers.

3. HappyGrub Tiffin Service

HappyGrub Tiffin Service guarantees the usage of most premium and healthy ingredients in their food preparation. It has a FSSAI certified Kitchen that makes it a brand that offers unmatched quality food.

Why Order From HappyGrub Tiffin Service

  • In- house Nutritionist helps you guide your lunch and dinner if you wish and suggest a healthy diet for your health
  • You can order or cancel your previous orders on the same day
  • Plethora of meal options helps you have a lunch or dinner according to your wishes
  • They offer a monthly and weekly meal package that you can modify by calling the customer care support team

4. Spicebox

Spice Box is an online tiffin service in Mumbai that delivers tiffin at your doorstep of your office or home. It offers delicious home-made food with minimal oil and an impeccable mix of spices that makes the food not spicy nor  insipid  but just great!

Why Order From SpiceBox

  • There are three options for meals- Veg, Non-veg and alternative
  • It guarantees awesome variety as there is no repetitions of any dish all month
  • You can also try out a short trial for a week so that you can know why people rave about Spicebox
  • You can manage cancellations, refunds, orders and renewals through your account on Spicebox

5. Homley Meals

Do you wish to have home-made food that makes you feel close to home? Homley Meals makes it possible to cook your food in the best possible way so that you can have healthy and tasty food daily. A unique blend of spice and that perfect use of minimal oil just makes you drool over the food from Homey Meals.

Why Order From Homley Meals

  • The food cooked is in a hygienic environment from fresh and premium quality ingredients
  • The food delivered is in a disposable microwave packing which is apt for your office
  • Timely delivery by the world-famous ‘Dabbawala’ delivery service in Mumbai ensures safe and sound delivery of your order
  • You can pay for your order online or opt for cash on delivery

6. Kitchen On My Plate

Kitchen On My Plate offers pre-planned meal packages that you can customize according to your choice. It offers an array of meal options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian section. You can pick any plan as per your choice and place an order. You can modify your plan whenever you wish to.

Why Order From Kitchen On My Plate

  • You can choose a 2-day trial meal plan if you are new user
  • It offers nutritious and home-style meals at your doorstep
  • It also has low calorie diet that are delicious and are of premium quality
  • It has easy cancellations, modifications and payment options

7. BhukkadPanti Tiffin Service

BhukkadPanti Tiffin Service is an affordable tiffin service in Mumbai that delivers delicious home-made food. It offers a trial meal service from which you can try the service for a week and then choose a monthly plan. It delivers food from other partners like Swiggy and Zomato.

Why Order From BhukkadPanti Tiffin Service

  • Freshly made food is delivered at your doorstep
  • Various meal options will give you a homely feeling
  • They offer only monthly package after trial package
  • You can place instant order via Swiggy or Zomato

Now that you know the best tiffin services in Mumbai, go place your orders and forget all worries of adhering to a healthy and home-based diet.




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