A pleasant night when the stars are shining, or a cold one with a hot cup of tea. A rainy day when you simply want to be at home or just your everyday commute. Books have always been our favourite companions, a form of transportation that takes us to magical lands.

There are countless number of books from an infinite period of time that continue to make a difference in our lives, but let’s take a look at the 7 most popular books of 2017.

Why we chose these books

There are several newspapers and websites that review trending books. We decided to include books mentioned in NyTimes and Esquire. Books included in this list have won awards, received great appreciation and have surely stirred the minds of millions.

Exit West

Genre – Literal Fiction, Political Fiction
Name of Author – Mohsin Hamid

About The Book

Young and independent Nadia finds love in Saeed in a dreadful time of civil war. Joining millions of stateless people, they strive to find a place to call home. Very soon, rumors of magical doors reach their ears, doors that will separate them from old calamities and take them to the new world. Their journey to a new world makes them discover every aspect of life and love, also giving the readers a stark insight into accounts of war, politics and terrorism.

More Books of Similar Genre – 15 Miles From Home, Red War, A Gentleman in Moscow

About the Author

Mohsin Hamid is a Pakistani novelist, writer and brand consultant. Hamid describes his writing as a divided man’s conversation with himself. Exit West has been his most recent novel and was shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize. He has been honored with various awards for his work.

More Books by The Author – How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Moth Smoke


Genre – Historical Fiction, Domestic Fiction
Name of Author – Min Jin Lee

About The Book

Pachinko is an epic historical novel about characters from Korea who migrate to Japan. Providing deep insight to the English-speaking audience on Japanese Korean culture, Pachinko taps cross cultures and generations. A history that failed its people, crushing desires and hopes, this novel proves to be the tale of a family mirroring as a story of the world.

More Books of Similar Genre – Lincoln in the Bardo, Outlander, Beloved, Before We Were Yours

About The Author

Min Jin Lee is a Korean American writer. Her debut novel, Free Food For Millionaires was a national bestseller and was listed in the Top 10 Books Of The Year in The Times of London and others. Her latest book Pachinko has been a finalist for the Nation Book Award for Fiction and has been a prominent name in the list of best sellers.

More Books by The Author – Free Food For Millionaires

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The Rules Do Not Apply

Genre – Autobiography
Name of Author – Ariel Levy

About The Book

An eye into her own life, Levy gives us profound details of everything she ever wanted and why she can’t have it all. She didn’t believe conventional rules applied to her and thought she had harnessed the power of her own strength, greed and love in a life that could contain it. But nature smashed all her plans and shifting cultures reminded her of what had changed and what never could.

More Books of Similar Genre – I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Night, A Long Way Gone

About The Author

Ariel Levy is an American staff writer at The New Yorker magazine. She was named as one of the “Forty Under 40” most influential individuals in the June/July 2009 issue of the Advocate.

More Books by The Author – Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture

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The Power

Genre – Fantasy, Science Fiction
Name of Author – Naomi Alderman

About The Book

The Power, interweaves electrostatic power in women keeping in mind  history, war and gender politics. It commemorates women and stages a ground for a new world order. The novel explores this transfer of power and counts down the years to a global catastrophe. It provides the theme that power corrupts everyone, those who are new to it and those who resist its loss.

More Books of Similar Genre – The Fifth Season, The Name of the Wind
About The Author

Naomi is an English novelist and game writer. She made her debut with Disobedience in 2006 which was well-received but a little controversial as it essayed about a North London rabbi’s lesbian daughter.

More Books by The Author – The Liars’ Gospel, The Lessons, Disobedience

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The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World — and Us

Genre- Non-fiction, Science
Name of Author – Richard O. Prum

About The Book

It is amazing, how a scientific book can be feminist and force us to change the way we look at our own bodies. In this book, Prum mounts a defense for one of Darwin’s less popular theory of sexual selection. Darwin believed that in addition to evolving according to their environment, animals are also shaped by other forces. Darwin believed that aesthetic mating choices made largely by females are important to how a specie evolves. Prum begins his journey with birds and ends with humans. This book is brilliant in all regards!

More Books of Similar Genre – Why we sleep, A crack in creation and Homo Deus

About The Author

Richard O. Prum is William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology (Study of Birds) at Yale University. He often describes himself as an evolutionary ornithologist. He has a variety of interests and is an advocate of Darwin’s theory of sexual selection.

More Books by The Author – Leonardo Da Vinci: Drawings from the Biblioteca Reale in Turin

The River of Consciousness

Genre- Biographical & Essays
Author – Oliver Sacks

About The Book

In The River of Consciousness, Oliver examines the nature of creativity, fragility, evolution, time, memory, consciousness and experience. This was one of his two books he was passionately engaged in till his death. The novel is a collection of essays that displays his zealous rendezvous with the most gripping and influential ideas of human endeavor.

More Books of Similar Genre – A Million Little Pieces, The Fire Next Time, Nobody Knows My Name

About The Author – Oliver was a British neurologist, historian of science, naturalist, and an author. He is loved by readers mostly for his writings on neurological case histories. He addressed his homosexuality in one of his most notable works, On the Move.

More Books by The Author – Gratitude, On the Move, Musicophilia

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Mrs. Fletcher

Genre- Humor, Coming-of-Age Fiction
Author – Tom Perrotta

About The Book

Mrs. Fletcher is a hilarious take on love, sex and identity by Tom Perrotta. A divorcee whose only child has left for college, Eve Fletcher, finds interest in a website called Milfateria.com when she receives a naughty text from an anonymous number. Soon, her online fascination starts to affect her real life and on the other hand her son wallows in college. Soon, both the mother and son run head on in a morally  distraught situation on a cold November night.

More Books of Similar Genre – Bossypants, Hyperbole and a Half, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

About The Author

Tom is a screenwriter and an American Novelist whose novels Election and Little Children were made into Academy Award nominated films. His well-known novel – The Leftovers has been adapted into a Tv series on HBO.

More Books by The Author –  The Leftovers, Little Children, The Wishbones, Election, Senior Season

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