7 Bollywood Stars Who’ve Poured Their Hearts Out In Their Writings

Amidst a world of showbiz, glamour and power-games, a few Bollywood biggies have taken the long road to connect with their fans. They’ve penned down their thoughts and experiences in explicit detail, far from how we see them as onscreen. These books depict the realities of stardom and films in ways we could not have imagined, thus making them all the more sensational!

Here are 7 Bollywood biggies whose writings have caused a huge stir in the recent times.

1Twinkle Khanna

She has left her origins and Bollywood hood in some old-cornered attic and unfurled a completely different avatar of her self with her writings. Her version 2.0 is creating waves ever since her first book was launched and Mrs. Funnybones looks like there’s no stopping her!


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