In a fast-paced job environment, more and more professionals are switching to mobile working environments. No points for guessing that it’s technology that enables this advancement which has shown to reduce work expenses, both time and money, by a fraction as high as 45%. To tell you the truth, even work pressure has gone down due to more and more employees being able to take smooth shifts between the work and life, literally at the drop of a hat.


So understanding the tools used for being able to take this forward seems quite intriguing to many. Hence, we thought of listing out the basic tech requirements that help professionals become ‘mobile workers’.

Tablet PC

The obvious choice of more productive individuals who prefer working from any place in the world. While most tech junkies prefer the high-end versions of iPads, the Samsung Galaxy Tab series has grown in popularity even with the reported incidents of Samsung Note 4’s failure.

External Hard Drives


Unless you’re a guy who likes to carry a large supercomputer with you, an expert who works with different teams placed at the remotest corners of the globe will definitely vouch for the magical saves these devices do! By far, Seagate hard disk prices are the best you could get in the market.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

rBVaHVXjH16AWvSlAALvRBxHfyU393Not only do wireless mice and keyboards reduce clutter at workstations but they also do away with the extra hand required to maneuver presentation slides during meetings and conferences. The result – organized work and highly impactful presentations.

Power Banks

EasyAcc®-Ultra-16000mAh-3-USB-22W-4.4A-Outputs-Power-Bank-with-18W-Input-Lighting-fast-Charging-Super-External-battery-Charger2The realities of smartphone batteries draining off may have triggered this invention but nothing can beat the unmatched portability you get once you start using them.

USB Cables

H47A7581[1]These tiny wires are as multifunctional as you’d like them to be, having one or two of them that work with as many devices as possible is the key to becoming a mobile professional.

Cloud Drive Accounts

CNET_Cloud_Storage_roundupThese are the ultimate ways to keep your important work documents with you for all times and working at any place with a seamless internet connection. The best part is you get at least a 100 GB of cloud space for free. 

Welcome to the era of a plug-and-play office!!

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