7 Interesting Facts About November You Probably Didn’t Know

November is the 11th month of the year and the last one to have 30 days. Not usually considered special, the month is overshadowed by Christmas festivities awaiting in December. However, not many know of some of the quirkiest things about November.

November Month Facts – Cool, Interesting & Funny

Here are 7 really interesting facts about the penultimate month (November) of the calendar year that will make you go totally wow!

1. Misnumbered Month

The name ‘November’ derived from the latin word novem means nine. It should have been the ninth month of the year. However, thanks to January and February which were added to the calendar some 2700 years ago, November is now the 11th guy in the 12 member team.

November Month

2. No mention of November in any of Shakespeare’s Works

After 37 plays and 154 sonnets, the greatest writer in English literature did not once mention the month of ‘November’ in any of his works.

That’s something to be worried about!

William Shakespeare

3. No Shave November a.k.a ‘Movember’

November is the month dedicated for moustaches and beards. It is that time of the year for men to let their hair grow wild and free.

This is done to raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

No Shave November

4. More Serial Killers Born in November than Any Other Month!

Not only is November the least preferred month for women around the world to have babies, it is also the month that breeds the most serial killers.

Eeeeks…. 😯

Serial Killers

5. Shopping Festivals Galore

Around the world, November is considered auspicious for shopping. Alibaba going live with the Singles’ Day sale on 11.11 of every year followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales wrap up a wonderful shopping month for the shopping crazy! Find out some crazy offers from the AliExpress Sale here!

November Shopping

6. Best Time of the Year to Express Love

According to a recent research, November is considered to be the best time of the year to express love.

It is during this month that a majority of Spaniards are more likely to tweet “Te amo” which means “I love you”.

Express Love

7. It’s the Meme Month of the Year!

November, according to statistics from social media sites sees the largest amount of memes posted and shared on the internet than any other month.

Hilariously, Donald Trump who was one of the most popular memes of the year went on to win the U.S. Presidential elections held in the month of November 2016.

Donald Trump Meme

Now, isn’t that a frigging awesome month? 😉

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