The most important asset for any man is the keratin mass atop his head. It is also a thing of worry for him, as every time some hair falls, there is a constant reminder of an impending bald head. But anxiety can be reduced a lot by having the hair cut short. Short hair is strong and doesn’t easily fall.

If you are worried that you cannot flaunt your style with a short hair, then take a look at these 7 hairstyles we have for you. These styles will completely transform you and give you a mass appeal.

  1. Modern Caesar

Modern Caesar

A popular buzz cut, the Caesar haircut can turn heads your way. The short style makes your hair easy to maintain. You can set some spikes easily which will last all day long with little to no maintenance. A dab of your regular styling gel will do the trick.

  1. Slicked Back


One of the most popular haircuts of today, the Slicked Back keeps the hair on top a little longer than the sides and back. The look will be perfect for you if you don’t want any frills and want to be comfortable with your style. You can add a little moisture with a gel or cream and get the look changed easily to spike or bedhead.

  1. Side Part


This is one style that works well for all men. If you have a little long hair that can obey your comb, then you will look perfect in this. You can get the style done in less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is part a side of your head and sweep the hair to another side. Use nykaa coupons from and get a hair thickening cream to add more substance to your style.

  1. Simple Casual


Similar to the Slicked Back look, the Simple Casual look is easy to keep and maintain. All you would need is a good brush and a little gel to keep the hair in place. It is advisable to keep the hair shorter along sides and have a bigger growth on top.

  1. Undercut


Probably the cut with a bigger reach among men this year, Undercut style has become a modern hair trend. The chopped up sides and the uneven top are an art in itself. You can notice that you look a little different every time you have an Undercut style. This is because the possibilities are endless with this cut.

  1. Brushed Up


The hair on the sides and back are a little shorter than the top. You can brush the hair up and allow it to fall on either side. You achieve a casual look with this style. Perfect for all occasions, you can flaunt your hair very easily with this cut. Use Nearbuy Coupon Code and get the style done for a very affordable price.

  1. Angular Fringe


Though not a typical short cut, the extremely short sides and back make it look so. This style works on all men, especially those with round faces. You have tapered sides and the hair is cut in an angle which makes it look great. You would have noticed footballer Neymar Jr’s hairstyle. It is this one right here!


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