7 Once Popular Smartphones You’d Still Love to Own!

Once Popular Smartphones

Technology has taken over and you know that!

The rise of mobile phones, especially smartphones has been so monumental that it is now impossible to imagine a life without one.

While the smartphones of today are far superior and more powerful than its predecessors; given a chance, you’d still love to own a pre-2008 smartphone.

Check out these 8 beauties from the past you’d love still to cuddle.

1. Nokia 6600

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This was back when big and bulky was considered sexy.

The Nokia 6600 was released in 2003 and was one of the hottest smartphones of the 2000s. It had a 2.1-inch TFT display, 5-way joystick navigation, and primary VGA camera. At a time when the majority of other phones were basic mobiles, Nokia 6600 was the toy of the rich and swanky.

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You can own this goldie oldie now for a nominal price from sites like eBay, Olx, and Quickr. Nevertheless, you check out latest Nokia Mobile Price List for 2017 here.

Buy the unboxed and refurbished Nokia 6600 on eBay India.

2. Sony Ericsson K750

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The Sony Ericsson K750 was a work of art in every which way. Released in 2005, the SE K750 came with 1.8-inch 256K colors display, an internal memory of 64MB (expandable up to 2GB) and a 2MP rear camera with flash.

The cool factor about the phone was that you can manually open and close the camera shutter on it. Additionally, LED flash made things even more interesting.

3. Blackberry Pearl 8100

Blackberry Pearl 8100

This was back when Blackberry devices were the epitome of excellence in smartphones. These business-class phones were a cut above the rest. The Blackberry Pearl 8100 not only evoked a sense of awe but also made other devices seem amateurish.

Blackberry Pearl 8100 was the first Blackberry phone to come with a 1.3MP camera. The device also came with a precise navigation trackball and SureType keyboard.

4. Moto Razr V3

Moto Razr V3

The Moto Razr V3 was a style statement first and a communication device second. Admit it, everyone of us had a crush on those cool flip phones.

The Razr V3 from Moto took swag to a whole new level. The phone came with a 2.2-inch screen, a second CSTN display for notifications alert when the flip was closed and a rear VGA camera.

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Love it? Get it on eBay India.

5. Moto Rokr E6

Moto Rokr E6

One of the most iconic phones from Motorola back in the days was the Moto Rokr E6. Released in 2006, the Rokr E6 came with a 2.4-inch resistive touchscreen and ran on Linux OS.

Using the touchscreen with a stylus was a different experience altogether then. Would still give some the nostalgic bumps.

6. Nokia N95

Nokia N95

During the early days of smart devices, Nokia established superiority over other manufacturers with its stunning N-series of mobile phones.

The Nokia N95 was the king of them all. With a design to die for and features that blew all competition away, the N95 was a dream device to own during Nokia’s prime years.

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The N95 was released in 2006 and came with a two-way slide body, a 5MP camera with flash and 8GB of internal memory.

Available on eBay India and online classified sites like Olx and Quickr.

7. HTC Dream

HTC Dream

The first Android smartphone, HTC Dream was quite a dream for many. HTC might be in rough waters as of today but they were ‘the’ makers of classy phones in the past.

With an elite price tag on its phones, HTC devices evoked curiosity and were often considered phones of the rich. Check out HTC Mobile Price List now for all latest information on HTC devices, models, specification and offers!

HTC Dream came with a horizontal slide-out touchscreen with a full keyboard underneath. The phone had an internal memory of 256MB, a RAM capacity of 192MB and was running on the earliest version of Android 1.6 Donut.

The question is, are you ready to still own one?


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