Top 8 Places to Visit on Your Trip to England

Windsor Castle

England, one of the well-known superpowers of the world is a wonderful tourist attraction with a lot of places that excite and draw awe from the people who visit it. The beautifully laid out streets that perfectly cross each other, the double-decker buses that ply on roads, the country houses, village pubs and vibrant cities all make England a perfect holiday destination.

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1. The Eden Project

Not your usual tourist destination but The Eden Project has been garnering quite a number of visitors since the last decade. The incredible project consists of two biomes housed in huge bubble like domes – made of hundreds of inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames. The artificial biome consists of a rainforest, waterfall, thousands of different plant species and much more, making it a truly sensory experience. Apart from the heritage structure, museums and cathedrals, The Eden Project will be an interesting change in your trip schedule.



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