How many times have you dreamed of a bigger and better life, with recognition from everyone?

Must be a million times, at least.

Why? Because it sucks to be a commoner.

We’ve all been there and I can tell you one thing – there is no fun in being average.

So, when you’re competing with thousands for a dream job, it pays to be a true stand out.

And how exactly can you do that?

With a killer resume, of course, that can shoot down almost any employer.

These ten people below recognized the need to stand out and boy, they did it in total style.

1. The Flipkart Product Page Resume

Flipkart Creative Resume

When you aim for a job in one of the top e-commerce companies in India, you better be ready to create a lasting first impression.

Aakash Mittal from IIT-Kharagpur did exactly that. He created a product page on Flipkart to sell him, literally. The creative resume was instantly recognized and went viral on social media. Though Aakash did not land a job at Flipkart, his CV brought in jobs offers from a lot of top companies.

2. The Video Resume to Google

Working for one of the dream companies doesn’t come easy. There are thousands of applications sent every day to Google and the chance of yours making the cut is a mere fraction.

Unless you do something like this guy did.

Matt Epstein, a digital strategist created a video resume persuading Google for a chance to work with them. To stand out from the rest, he created a short video and put it on YouTube.

While he did not get a call from Google, 80 other top companies saw his creativity and gave him job offers.

3. The 6 Second Resume

Everyone loves Vine videos for a reason – they are short and to the point. These 6-second videos cut all nonsense.

In fact, a research says that recruiters give each resume only 6 seconds before deciding its fate.

Dawn Siff spent 6 months searching for a job and used all traditional methods to get employed. Exhausted, she finally decided to do a creative vine resume. The video cv got her a job at The Economist and she now works at DigitasLBi.

4. The Google Ad Resume

Alec Brownstein was working as a copywriter in a good agency but he always wanted a job at a top creative agency in New York.

He did not take the traditional job applying route to succeed. Instead, he thought smart.

Alec knew that top creative directors loved to Google their names. So, he ran Google ads for the names of his favorite creative directors. When these people searched them, they found out Alec’s ad and were surprised.

Almost 4 out of 5 people called him and 2 offered him a job. He now works at Young & Rubicam. The creative resume garnered a lot of attention on the internet.

5. The Chocolate CV

Chocolate Resume

How about walking into an office and handing the recruiting manager a chocolate. Not an ordinary chocolate, but a resume chocolate!

Matthew Hirsch did just that and not only evoke positive responses, he landed a dream job too.

6. The Reverse Job Application

Reverse Job Application

Finding it hard to get a job for a long time? Follow the Andrew Horner reverse resume strategy to succeed.

Two years after graduation and without a job, Andrew thought of not applying for more jobs. Instead, he wanted companies to contact him for giving him a job.

The reverse job application was posted on Reddit and went viral. After more than 250 submissions and 44 legitimate job offers, Andrew finally accepted an offer from a startup.

7. GQ Magazine Resume

GQ Magazine Resume

GQ Magazine Resume

How can one manage to get a job in one of the top magazines in the world without an interview?

Ask Sumukh Mehta and he can tell you.

The 21-year-old created an unorthodox resume which was designed like a GQ magazine. He spent 3 weeks to bring the CV to life.

He sent the resume to creative directors of the magazine in London, New York, and Mumbai. The directors were convinced with the creative skills of Sumukh and offered him a paid internship without an interview.

The next time you are looking for a job, try out a creative resume and land the role like a boss 😎

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