Virat Kohli might be the most treasured possession of the Indian Cricket team, but he is also the most hated cricketer around the world. The Australians hate him, the Englishmen want him off the field, and other teams love it when he’s not in the playing eleven. This general dislike for Kohli is attributed to a few of his traits. Here are 7 reasons why he is the most hated cricketer.

1. Arrogance on Field

Virat Kohli Arrogance

Virat Kohli isn’t afraid to show emotions on the field. This unsettles an opposition expecting to play its mind games on sweet and innocent teams.

2. Loves Giving Back

Virat Kohli Fight

Kohli loves giving back. Not just the compliments and smiles, but the abuses and sledges. Australia has forever got away with sledging Indian players. This doesn’t work with the India under Kohli.

3. Bowlers’ Worst Nightmare

Virat Kohli shots

Any bowler would think a million times on where to bowl against Virat Kohli. The Indian skipper smashes balls anywhere and everywhere they are pitched.

4. Fair Play Leader

Virat Kohli Umpire

Virat Kohli isn’t the leader who compromises the integrity of the game for a win. He is also not silent when teams flip rules. Kohli takes all unfair plays to the field umpire and proves to be a real torture for the opposition.

5. Mighty Transformer

Virat Kohli Century

Any team which loves to get on the opposition’s nerves hates Kohli. The flamboyant batsman has a unique skill of taking his game to another level even on the slightest provocation.

6. Mr. Casanova

Virat Kohli Danielle Wyatt

Kohli doesn’t just flutter the hearts of Indian women, he is a charmer of women around the world. Ask England Women Cricketers Danielle Wyatt and Katherine Brunt.

7. Team Player

Virat Kohli Pump up

Virat Kohli doesn’t play for records and personal milestones. He is a leader who loves to see his team cross the finish line. This is evident from his incredible chasing run rate against any team.

Keep hating haters, keep hating! 😉

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