Poker is a fun and enjoyable game that is second only to Blackjack in popularity around the world. This game of skill has very little to do with the luck-of-the-card. You can win and lose a lot of money playing poker. If you want to do the former, then follow these 7 helpful poker tips that will make you a champion poker player.

Learn The Game

Poker Tips

This is a fairly obvious one. It is very important to understand all the rules of the game. However, knowing them isn’t enough. You should practice playing poker enough to understand the game instinctively.

Play The Players

Remember, in poker you aren’t playing the cards or the game. You are always playing the player. The cards you draw are largely irrelevant if you understand the behavior of your opponent. By analyzing every move of every opponent, you will reach a stage where you can tell what cards they are holding just by watching them play.

Forget Hands, Think About Ranges

Most amateurs think in terms of cards i.e. based on communal cards, they think of one possible set of cards their opponent might be holding. To become a champion, you must think in terms of range of cards. Based on communal cards, think about all the possible cards your opponent might be holding. This will make you an exceptional player.

Fall In Love With Math

While it is more important to learn the behavior your opponents, knowing what communal cards can show up is important. Hence, rekindle your love for math. Familiarize yourself with probability and game theory. It will give you a sincere edge over your opponents. The best poker tips and tricks will get you to the huge riches.

Leave Your Heart Home

Not literally! However, always remember to keep your emotions out of your game. If you win and are happy, don’t let that excite you and make you overplay your hands. If you loose and get sad, don’t let yourself get carried away to win back your money.

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Remember, You’re a Loser

Well, you’re not pathetic and you’re definitely not a loser. But remember, like all players, you will lose too! How you take that loss will shape your game. Learn from your mistakes. Adopt and evolve your strategy. Build an appetite for failure. It will make you a much better player.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice is the key to perfection. The more you play the better you will become at your game. If you’re a beginner then start by playing with virtual money. However, remember that with the exception of Goa, gambling in a casino is illegal in India. But, you can play online on various websites.

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